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  1. BY... translating your web-page with IE's translating option on top, perhaps?
  2. Dear "tacchan23"... your AMAZING work, is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, about 1 year by now!!! The "only issue" is, I own an i900 OMNIA!!!!!!!! With WQVGA (and I'm using COM3 builds, mostly)... I'm interesting about your RED colors themes and the NEGATIVE black menus... Can you make them for i900 OMNIA or AT LEAST tell me how to do/change them, to working in my i900??? Please, help me; your work is exactly what I'm looking for. (By the way, these themes of yours changing the TERRIBLE default PIN pad, in the Windows start screen?) Regards and I'm waiting, friend. P.S.: Also, is it possible these themes/taskbars, easily to modified for WM6.1 aswell?
  3. Actually, I was a big fan of the 1%... After quite months now, I found that doesn't working properly! In a minute, shows (let's say) 65%. Few minutes later, 51%. You doing a soft reset and you're getting... 87% and in few minutes 74%!!! So, it's fine but doesn't working properly. I've turned to 10% battery indicator. More accurated.
  4. Lads, does these fine apps (M3D) running in i900? I mean, except M2D, can we use the M3D in our i900?
  5. If you go to Settings>Personal>Phone and tic the last tab, on the first top sellection... you can easily set from AUTOMATIC to 800/1600... and the auto GPRS is gone. No need for NoData.
  6. I bought my i900 before one year... and I don't plan to replace it, at least in the next 3 years! Reasons? First, a mobile phone is a high-tec merchandise (like a camera or a television), it's not a... pair of shoes!!! We don't have to buying every single new technology's phone is released... Second, the OMNIA is not... Nokia 2125, yet! OMNIA still is a great, a superb smartphone and I NEVER met a single person that is using 100% OMNIA's capabilities/features, to justify the need of a better/new/more modern phone. And third... it's a bloody finance crisis all over the world, to changing/replacing EXPENSIVE phones in 12-18 months! To me, those people that replacing very soon their phones (especialy in our modern times, when the phones are small computers!)... these people obviously don't making their own money and spending their parents' money, so they don't understanding the meaning of cash spending...
  7. Check this post: Did you notise something like this?
  8. Absolutely looking marvelous ui/skin... But we need something bugless.
  9. "leap", did you check that problem reported above, m8?
  10. Saluti, amico "anzo". Come stai? Sembra si era molto impegnato! Hehehe... Anyway. Can you please tell me, if you test to install the SPB KEYBOARD in these new roms of yours, because I'm really want to test some new builds, but I found an issue with the SPB keyboard (which is the only I'm using): I can't set my SPB keyboard's settings; when I'm pressing the "Settings" button in the "Input" menu... the phone "freezes"!
  11. Well, my dear developer, you have to fix that too...
  12. That's my boy!!! Many thxs you deal with it so soon!!! By the way... the "Theme" zip is the skin... the "ThemeHard" is the default skin back, right?
  13. Indeed, it was my very first question since the first WM6.5 rom came up... Unfortunatelly, you can't.
  14. I think it was working in KC's WM6.1 build 21001 (from OMNIA II) rom... But, it's an OMNIA II rom after all, I don't know if it's working in i900 6.1s...
  15. Too bad... Pitty... At least, let's see if "joza" will take care the problem with the texts' coloring.
  16. By the way, "Yankee" friend, you mention the QVGA file of the second post... I've seen COUNTLESS files before of that gqva one. What are those?
  17. No, no, no!!! Don't hard-reset yet, laddie! The developer fellow didn't respond yet, so you'll be a fine example to him, to CORRECT this problem! Don't hard-reset it yet!
  18. That including that ZOOM PANNEL under the taskbar aswell??? Thxs, m8!
  19. No offence taken, m8! I didn't give it a try yet, since I'm using OCK's WM6.5s now - perhaps I'm going to "degrade" my OS back to KC's WM6.1 build 21001 (from OMNIA II), when these problems/issues will solved... So, dear developer "joza", as this lad here saying, there is an issue with the texts. THEY SOULD be in WHITE, m8... or else, this black skin is useless... You really need to take a look on this issue, 'cause I'm your BIG supporter and I can't wait to "go-back" to KC's WM6.1 build 21001 and... USE that skin! Regards to all...
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