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  1. Do you have access to any other wifi networks you can try on? If you have an Android phone you could set up wifi-tether on that and see if the tablet will connect. Therefore ruling out a problem with the tablet hardware. The only other thing that springs to mind is if you have MAC address protection enabled on your router and haven't enabled it to allow the tablet to connect. However I would have thought the router default reset would have cleared those.
  2. I really hope that is the case for mine today... Did the comet order tracking on their website just say: "Your order is currently being processed. We will send you confirmation by email when your order has been accepted and your installation slot has been agreed. You will then be able to track your order online." But the Comet receipt email says: Your new stuff will be delivered to you on: Saturday 9th April 2011 between 7am - 6pm Edit: Woohoo, rang comet and got parcelforce number and it should be delivered today. Apparently the website is showing it's still being processed because the order number was changed (probably due to me wanting the money off voucher applying after ordering).
  3. How did you find out Oldham had it in stock please? And for your problem, can you try pinging or putting that as your DNS server on the Transformer wifi IP settings? (It's Google's public DNS server)
  4. My comet delivery had friday selected as the delivery date but the email confirmation says saturday. Has anyone else had this? Also they've not included the discount coupon despite ringing to get this added, but as a bonus postage seems to be free...
  5. You should be able to get the keyboard for not much more than if you'd got the bundle. Asus have pretty much said this on twitter.
  6. Damnit Paul, I just ordered with comet and couldn't get the 5off code to work!, got quidco at least though. Will give them a ring. Edit: woohoo sorted
  7. wi11

    Asus Transformer IN STOCK, but...

    Laskys have been in touch (quite impressed they got back to me same day) and my delivery IS scheduled for 11th April. So hopefully Parcelforce won't screw things up.
  8. wi11

    Asus Transformer IN STOCK, but...

    I've just rung their national helpline. None in stock near me, but in stock for home delivery, and could be here by Thursday apparently for £5 delivery. Hopefully the same as my Laskys order. Cometdeals tweet: cometdeals Comet Plc In stock at Comet TODAY the new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer From £379.99 http://ow.ly/4tu9n but annoyingly don't mention in store or online...
  9. wi11

    Asus Transformer IN STOCK, but...

    I think it's only Comet getting stock in physical stores from tomorrow. I believe Comet and Asus may have a closer than usual relationship (ooh er) as they have done marketing promotions before. Laskys is also part of the Comet group so that would explain how they got stock earlier. Have you rung any Comet stores Matchstick?
  10. wi11

    Asus Transformer IN STOCK, but...

    Have you been reading my post on HUKD? :D I ordered earlier today when Laskys emailed me they had 30 in stock. Delivery is up to 3-5 days for small items and via Parcelforce. Regret a little bit ordering from Laskys as I'm not sure customer service will be good if I need it. But crossing fingers it might arrive tomorrow or Thursday! B) Edit: My ETA delivery is 11th April. Apparently someone rang them though and they said they were waiting for stock...
  11. I'm having the same problem and appbrain won't help because it downloads apps from the market too. It's very frustrating. I got the phone today, installed r4 (great thanks Paul) and haven't been able to download a single app yet. Could it be something vital I didn't select when cooking the rom? Arrgh!! I tried downloading ADW Launcher from their Google code page and although that download it wouldn't install!
  12. Umm guys, the HD2 is meant to have quite good battery life. Although the CPU is a lot faster, it is also a lot more power efficient. They wouldn't come out with their most hyped device yet and cripple it with less than average battery life.
  13. ARgh, now I've just found out about the Toshiba K01 which has snapdragon and QWERTY keyboard plus huge screen! Going to have to cancel and wait for more news on that I think. Expansys are going to end up banning me...
  14. Thanks for your reply and the info. I've gone ahead and cancelled my HD2 order and just now ordered the B7610 with Expansys UK, as it's showing in stock! Can't wait...plus the specs say it comes with 6.5, so I won't even have to mess around with roms. On another forum, someone pointed out that even if the CPU is faster on another device like the HD2, if the time you save not having to wait for the CPU is lost inputting text without a h/w keyboard, then it's not really a faster device. Which hadn't really crossed my mind.
  15. I've had the Kaiser / TyTN2 for about two years and am itching to upgrade. I was considering the B7610, then thought of the HD2, but am put off by lack of stylus and keyboard. So I'm back to the B7610 and am really curious if anyone has experience of the B7610 vs the Kaiser in terms of speed? And come to think of it, how will the B7610 compare to the HD2 performance to?

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