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  1. @brags- ganda ng side view mo na naka post sa page 9 ng Mobile Pilipinas thread sa Mapalad. :D
  2. @pyke try mo microstation sm north, 650 or 750 yata. very clear yung martin fields pero mas gusto ko texture ng brando parang nagsusulat ka sa papel, btw as dino said wala pa ata pang SAP nito.
  3. hehehe, muntik na sumakit tyan ko dun ah! di ba dapat sa "joke" thread yun.
  4. @casperr u can buy a charger plug adaptor, kinakabit lang sya sa dulo ng charger plug then you can directly connect the charger to your SAP without using the USB cable. bought mine from smart wireless for P350 yata, not sure if this is still available pa. charger plug adaptor.jpg
  5. para pwede sya gamitin as PDA, touch screen yata eh. :) et560_upside.jpg
  6. just download it from microsoft.
  7. @kap try mo i-close yung file explorer mo, then ilabas mo at ipasok uli yung SD mo, tapos tsaka mo i-browse uli. :)
  8. you're very lucky dude, enjoy your new toy (pagdating). :)
  9. @dobby registration is free, they will email you the key after you've registered. you can readily play the mpegs you have on your pc, no need for alterations. :lol:
  10. hahaha! keep it coming dude! :lol:
  11. fully functional sya, kailangan mo lang i-register within 7 days kung hindi mag-eexpire sya.
  12. @dobby... choose pockettv classic, yun yung free pero you need to register it within 7 days, unlocked SPV phones mean "application unlocked" not network unlocked. it will work perfectly sa SAP mo kahit locked pa sa Smart yan. :lol:
  13. @casperr try mo wap.oa.yahoo.com :lol:
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