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  1. slightly off the rom topic, but for setting opera mini as default browser, try googling smartmort, does the job well, and i found a few problems with opera mini as far as messages not sending on some social network sites/forums. the opera mobile 10 final is very slow with text input with touchpal, where as opera 10 mobile beta 3 is perfect with the text input, tried the final but went back to beta 3. opera mini 5 is very quick to load due to the server based shrinking of the page size, so is very good to have as default browser when using links from rss/twitter/etc. I do recommend Smartmort though (it allows you to decide which browser to use as well as set default, which is good for choosing skyfire for inbedded video, etc) , takes a bit of configuration, and i recommend mortbuttons to go with it to make the ui easier to use. :) here's the link- http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-downlo...-smartmort.html while i'm here, i've been using nick's roms only, due to using bluetooth stereo a lot and have been avoiding srs wow, am interested in Ock's roms, can anyone report on the bluetooth stereo on these roms? thanks in advance
  2. looks like an older version of marble madness
  3. well i must say i would be shattered if you stop cooking, but it is understandable if time is an issue, guess i would have to try some other chefs work, i'm a heavy bluetooth stereo user and your roms are perfect for that, not to mention stability from what i read :(
  4. 23102 has been going great for days now, excellent work!!!! :D
  5. :D I always had WIFI connection issues (the typical only working for a minute or two but still showing connected) with the standard phone part, and the same with PUIE1 after i flashed to it, then i flashed to JJIA1 (with out hard reset as i had read a while back) 3 days ago and have had perfect wifi since :lol: :lol: i use nick's 23102 classic an the battery life is at least a third better, signal is more stable both 2/3g, haven't tried gps yet but i know it works on this rom quite well, its been raining quite heavily here :D ADD: GPS works fine (with google maps) + stereo bluetooth works well too, and battery lasting possibly twice as long
  6. i personally don't like the loss of multi-talking in winmo 6.5 and 7. and the UI lock on winmo 7 seems to be a loss also. those were some of the main things i enjoyed about winmo and could hold above iphone users. definitely pushing my next choice away from HD2 and towards Nexus one or similar
  7. will this work with elcont weather installed? since that has a windows 6.5 titanium panel, must say this looks very interesting!
  8. 23620 is a beautiful rom, very fast n stable, just wondering if theres anyway to stop the apps auto closing? sorta new to 6.5 (though i've flashed your last 5 roms i think) 28015 ultralite was not to bad for keeping some open, i searched and found ever app, though i do remember seeing something about it not working a few roms ago and you took it out? maybe? i'm super tired so sorry if i'm not making sense :0 also wondering if sktools registry optimization would effect the memory usage or tweaks? i did one after uninstalling everapp, and i'd swear my program memory has dropped by about 5 mb (i do a bit of un/installing so can't remember last memory figures) might hard reset when i have time anyway, but takes so long to get all my favourite/regular apps on even with xda uc (is there a new version i saw with a progress bar?) anyway i read so much good stuff about your work and commitment that you are my only chef p.s. i see there is better test entry in internet explorer in 23620 e.g. i can actually hit enter and it drops down a line like... this.. where as before it would start the page loading, so very happy it meets my other posting needs :)
  9. align screen in 23509 lite worked for me :D
  10. flashed to the 23509 classic lite yesterday and more than impressed, so far no trouble with gps (very fast), bluetooth stereo works well (though there seems to be a slightly longer pause when pressing play/pause on the headphones, wifi appears to work fine, gprs/hspda work well (i'm using the puie1 phone part from the flotanium 23506 rom) no issue with any of the apps i've installed on top thus far. REALLY GREAT JOB!!!! thanks for your hard work Nick :D
  11. i flashed my aussie optus i900 to 23506 FloTanium with PUIE1 Phone Part by Nicklashidegard, was unsure at first, was happy with the original rom (i had flashed the buggery out of my hermes), but since going to 6.5 i could never turn back, i'm waiting for the 23509 build to finish downloading so i can flash again, the speed of 23506 is excellent, though i want the classic version this time, dont use the m2d much :)

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