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  1. hello all, i was wondering : i love the feature when you have an incoming call, and you can screen it and send a pre-detemined SMS to the caller with few messaging options. so, anyhow, can these be altered or can i add something of my own ? if yes, can anyone tell me where to edit this option ? thanks in advance... Doron. btw i use the GTX rom and absoloutley love it !
  2. excellent cook, I've been trying hundreds of them and this one seems to be 99% to my likings. tks. yet. one thing bothers me though...where are the video calls ? changed to samsung dialer, still can't get it to work. what am i doing wrong ? help...
  3. excellent piece of work !!! one problem though (for me at least) , the upper task bar doesnt respond as it used to, why is that ? can you enlarge it a bit - i guess my fingers are a bit to thick for it now. whenever i try to reach the unaswered call icon it turn into mission impossible. pls help... tks doron.
  4. hi, after few ROms changes and reinstallation of the phonealarm+senator skin, im exhausted. :( it seems that something happend and this whole thing is not working as it should. the first time i installed it, few months ago everything worked like a charm. but than i did hard reset and began all from scratch. and nada, i get errors, my display has two phonealarm rulers (one hidden in the upper taskbar - i can see an icon and when i tap it, it unfolds and gives me the ruler).plus, i get backlight problems, i have continuous changes in my ringtones, never stays as i want it - you get the picture - im tired of it. all i want is a proper icon to show me unanswered calls that when i tap it it'll show me the call, and the irritating icon will disappear from the upper taskbar. someone have an idea ? tks doron.
  5. i went back to an earlier version, so it looks beter now, yet now i have the phonealarm icon at the top line and one at the designated place. when i press the upper icon, it like gives me another instance of the phonealarm ruler. strange, i dont recall ahving such problems when i first installed this app. few months ago. tks
  6. have the same problem too. dont know what happend. i had the software installed a few months ago and everything worked just fine - all profiles appeared, many different skins for the today panel were present. than i hard reset my device, uploaded the OCK rom again as before, installed m2d v2 + phone alarm and... all is wrong :huh: no profiles but home, dimmed light, strange error messages. what went wrong ? i absolutley love this piece of softwear. help. tks doron.
  7. ok i had an older version, dl the a/m version - still no luck - the things hangs on exit.
  8. well i did all of the above ans yes i got the gps working and it works fine, but again as in other versions, when i press the exit, the software won't exit and the "exing amigo" screen hungs. im puzzled
  9. hehe, ok i figured this one too. tks for the helpers. now its great. yet i believe that igo8 is better. <_<
  10. right, finally ! i found a data.gro version that works great, does not crash when exit and displays portrait aswell as landscape. the realy last thing to make it perfect is how to add the amigo.exe file to the quick program launcher in m2dk rom, or in other words how do i add this file to the programs list. thx
  11. ok great, now its working. but...when i exit the software it freezes my omnia and i have to soft reset. tried few other data.gro files all came up with the same thing. so, what now ? help. tks
  12. well tried it and it didnt work, sorry. any other sugestions ? btw the data.gro file is 12.3Mb, maybe this file is corrupt or old ? i tried using a bigger file that i found but it didn't support the 320*240 screen. tks doron
  13. hi pepole, i've installed the latest version i could find of this software, yet no gps connection. the thing just keeps on lookin for the gps but with no luck and the samsung gets awfully hot. tried to edit the system.ini file located in the amigo\save folder - still no luck. any suggestions ? btw, igo 8 3d work like a charm. tks doron.
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