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    I900-n 900 -omnia 7
  1. go here but you must be registered!! http://osmobile.pl/Watek-i908-ZUIF2-Vs-XBIJ1-WM-6-5-X-build-23549-Manila2D-V2
  2. try this http://www.throttlelauncher.com/forum/
  3. I tried and it works very well for me good job dave regards..
  4. great and nice rom!!! thx mureta
  5. bigfoune

    Is my Phone bricked?

    just reflash your omnia with another rom !!no need to synchronise with activ sync !!just try !!! with xp of course
  6. bigfoune

    OCK's WM6.5 Roms Premium

    just reflash!!!! :(
  7. bigfoune

    Diagnosis codes

    FOR THE FRONT SPEAKER in diagnosis mode.tape this *#0002*28346# clik read in system gain 7 tape 10 clik get in class gain 7 tape 10 clik get in device gain 7 tape 10 clik get start et stop" :P
  8. there is no 16 g version for the moment ....

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