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  1. HTC have today confirmed that it IS a software problem, and that they'll be releasing a "hotfix" next week. :)
  2. Bullsh*t!! On my Touch HD I have ALL my apps (dozens and dozens) installed internally, and keep all my media on the card. On the HD2 I've only installed a handful and it's down to 54mb!!! Look at the attached screenshots. This will get sorted when Custom ROMS start appearing at XDA Devs :D Yes I've done this now thankyou, I also found it at XDA Devs. :D I know how to use the Camera thanks, but it's crap! Worse than Touch HD, TD2, Touch Cruise!!! See this thread at XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...265#post4987265 :D I do!!! And PocketMusic, and Pocket Player, and Nitrogen and the music stops in standby :) Exactly, and I'm saying despite HTC's best efforts, WM isn't ready to go stylus free!! :D I've read all the posts and installed the cabs to improve matters at XDA developers!! :D As a regular custom ROM flasher I spend plenty of time at XDA Devs. B) I've used pretty much EVERY HTC WM device since the SPV in November 2002, I think I know how to use the phone as well as most people!!! :D Look at my membership number on MoDaCo, I've been around a while!!! :D
  3. Now I'm VERY confused :) I've just done a hard reset, and now there IS only one input method??!!
  4. Owner Name - I worked out how to do this myself :D Just exported the Owner Name reg key from another phone, and imported it into the Control Panel on the HD2 :D Music Playback - I think it's ok with the supplied headphones using the built in Music Player, but using my own headphones with Pocket Player and Nitrogen, the music stops in standby. Also it's a bit annoying that when in standby and the keys are locked, pressing any key turns the backlight on. (I'm sure there'll be a reg tweak to stop this) I've also since noticed that my videos using Core Player, freeze after a few seconds but the sound carries on :)
  5. Oops you're right :) I was looking at the "Input" methods in Personnal settingswhich just shows one, but the other options show up when you press the little arrow on the keyboard icon (bit tricky without a stylus :D )
  6. After a few hours of playing there's a lot of good things about the HD2 but a few little niggles and queries :) 1) Where's all my memory??? For such a beast there's a very small amount of memory assigned to storage! Program memory is large with 183mb free (out of 336??!!) but storage memory has 181mb to start with, and after installing a handfull of apps internally, I now have 65mb free storage (and I haven't even got started yet!!!) 2) Where the hell do I put my "owner name"?? I've loads of apps that need the owner name to enter the serial code but I can't for the life of me find the option to enter it??!! I've got round it by creating a new reg key in the control panel with my owner name :D (I'm probably being thick!!??) 3) The camera's focus seems hit and miss, sometimes it focuses no problem, and other times it doesn't focus, even though you put the focus marks over the subject??!!! :D 4) Music playback turns off when you press the standby key, so you can't turn the screen off or lock the keys (unless you use an app like "Device Lock" or "Mortsaver" 5) I've already run in to numerous programs and settings where it's a nightmare trying to input data using fingers, and of course a stylus isn't an option so I'm screwed :D 6) I too have encountered a fair bit of lag on the keyboard, as well as numerous wrong letters pressed, plus there's only one input method out of the box :D
  7. Anyone having this problem? http://www.coolsmartphone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13244 Mine keeps doing it :lol:
  8. I'm gutted to say that the X1 has the same annoying "music glitch" as many other HTC devices :D http://www.modaco.com/content/raphael-http...a-music-player/ Also, how is everyone finding the signal strength? I don't think it's that great. It often shows 2 bars where other phones show 4, and loses service in weak areas where other phones hold on with 1 or 2 bars :lol: It's a lovely device, the screen's great, and I don't have any real problems with the D pad, but because of the 2 major problems I've encountered I'm afraid I'm going to return mine. ;)
  9. Paul, could you point me in the right direction of a working Diamond on screen keyboard cab, the ones I've tried from xda-developers don't display properly on the X1 ? Cheers.
  10. Yeah, no problems so far ;) Seems to be working fine :wacko:
  11. Yep! I've even slapped it out on the table a couple of times ;)
  12. Some aspects of it, others bug me! Been using the Palm Treo Pro for the last couple of weeks ;)
  13. My 16gb Micro SD card's just arrived :wacko: Put it in my Omnia and I've got a 32gb Monster in my pocket! ;)
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