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  1. Due to several complaints, ROM development was stopped and the download links has been deleted. Another version will NOT be developed. Sorry .. I can provide how you can cook ROM by yourself.. If you want..
  2. Hi, my friends.. Problem with my pc is resloved, but next week i´m really busy... Next version of the ROM will be in June.
  3. Hi my friends, to mr.bhola: try to read this thread, there are some solutions... Anyway, bad news, cooking is temporarily stopped . My computer could not bear brunt of the work on roms :-( ... I have to buy a new one, then I'll be able to continue ... Please post your feedback... M.
  4. You can del these files from start up folder. It is due to incompatibility of some part B7300 ROM with I900 ROMs.
  5. I is because Jinbox have nothing to do with email or mobile outlook. It is only for sms/mms. Anyway, samsung from IK version doesnt support skined email, there can be find file email.exe, emform.dll in older builds...
  6. to Psycho-KnighT: screen pls to rishad: I didnt cook english version of 23563, only czech. Btw this czech version is based on old DXID1,not XXJB3.
  7. My ROM is only one, for now ;-) http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...on-omnia-b7300/ Its 6.5 and using IE
  8. I using streaming player from time to time... its working on my ROM...XXJB3
  9. Hi all, For those who have internet issue, try if you can recieve MMS ... post feedback, i am trying to resolve it To the selecting CPU performace: this possibility is disabled, because i900 doesnt`t support it. So CPU is runnig still at the same frequency. More battery consuption may be caused by missing 3D hardware.. Software rendering have to substitute 3D.
  10. For all: plese post screens of error. We can connect to the internet via GPRS, WiFi - when somebody write "internet not working" - i can not reslove the issue, because i dont know if problem is with connection via GPRS or WiFi. Please, describe error and post screens. For ex. WiFi: omnia can not find my network" Becasue there can be 1000 posibilities why it doest work. I will do everything what i can :-) Try to google your operator setting and set up your internet connection manually, for now. 1. I would like to cook this ROM in other languages, so write me PM wich one you want. 2. Next version of this ROM should be lite - without Widgets, with titanium 94 MB of free memory on main memory and probably 6.5.5 built 23563 (depends on my free time) 3. Program uninstallation - start - settings - memory settings - main storage - there you will see all installed applications. In installed items (advanced setting) are additional setting when you will install for example Srs wow HD. 4. Today screen is black - copy you favorite pictures in main storage - my documents - my pictures - then you select your favorite one for each screen. 5. Some settings are hidden, but are still in - for old settings - change registry value: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Shell\StartInfo] "HideSettings"=dword:00000001 6. Please givefeed back if additional cabs are working. to Barry_Chanlo: Rom works sometimes slowly, because i900 doesnt support 3D hardware (for ex. when writing 1. line of new message) - but it is not so terrible to deltaztek: cab file for SMS can not be providet due to incompatibility with other ROM based od DXID1, DZIA1 etc... to melburnian: weather widget was removed - but you can download new version - with more widgets application on widgetscreen That`s all for a while ... Thank you very much for your support :-)
  11. to leap_ahead: Did you try what i wrote about internet setting in #47 post?
  12. Please, can anybody share WM 6.1 Rom or Dump of ROM for B7300...
  13. Hi Hanusch, thanx for your help ;-) (Zdravím, Hanuschi, díky za pomoc ;-)) Probably solution for automatic internet conection: Go - Start - Setting - Advanced Setting - Connection - choose advanced tab on bottom of the screen - select Networks - choose your setting according your operator. For me Czech Vodafone - "Můj internet". Not "My ISP" Then OK - OK - Done - Exit. For me worked perfectly without manual setting up Please give feedback!!
  14. Added Cabs in 1. post - thanx for screens, i will fix it - please test cabs from 1. post and give feedback. Dont have time for testing..
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