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  1. So just an update for you guys and good news for me. After replacing my omnia 3 times and trying to send me a 4th I called customer service, got a little angry and now there sending me a Droid. Just to clarify some things though; Verizon has stopped their policy of replacing a phone model after so many replacements. The helpful lady at the store was telling me all about it and how its really become a bigger problem for the employees because they can't help their customers anymore. So basically when I was at the store they just sent me another refurb (4th one), and like I mentioned before I called customer service (with the encouragement of a vzw employee), and complained saying how bad the refurbs were, and that I've been with them 6 years, and i might think of moving over to at&t. I guess those were the key phrases because she first offered me a refurb of another model, I said I didn't want to pay because I payed so much for the omnia, then she just asked what model I'm interested in, I said the Droid Eris thinking it was a cheaper phone and easier to get, I think she misheard and just said my Droid would be here in a few days and she waived the fee. Oh and it is a refurb Droid but its got a 90 day warranty from motorola so I'm not too worried. So see ya later winmo, I finally got my android phone
  2. I see your point, but that setup seems like it would frustrate me more. So if you have a limit of three programs you'd have to setup some sort of priority of what you want running because it would just swap out whatever application to launch the new one starting up. I think you'd run into problems in a scenario similar to this: If you have activesync running, music, and browser, and then you get a call, its going to force out one the applications for the phone function, which may be troublesome because you then have to relaunch the program that was closed and wait for it to startup, and if it was a game, document, or something that needed to be saved, it could become a major problem . I think another problem would be that in the process of killing one program and starting another this script or program in theory, would take up memory as well, and just bog down your system, probably just temporarily though. I think some form of system optimization would be a better solution to your memory problems. I can right off the bat recommend CleanRam and ClearTemp for free programs and SKTools if you wanna pay for something, and of course showcase suite as I mentioned earlier. If your comfortable try flashing to a custom rom. I've been constantly disappointed with the memory lag on this phone and its one of the many reasons I'm in the process of getting rid of it, but using those programs I mentioned kept my phone at a very usable level even with 4+ applications open and using SPB Mobile shell.
  3. Why don't you just close the programs after your done using them? Try Showcase Suite, it'll close you application when you hit the X button.
  4. Yeah thats totally normal. Theres an option to turn it off under the settings menu. I can't tell you exactly where cuz my phone is broken and I'm waiting on a replacement. I think its under mouse though. Or you can try a program called chgfingermouse which can mapped to a physical button and you can turn it on and off whenever you want
  5. Yeah, I just talked to the verizon guys today and they said if the next refurb causes me problems he could talk to his manager and see what he could do about a new phone or maybe a discount on an early upgrade
  6. I think you can access it all through microsoft MyPhone. Its an application that backs up everything online and is accessible if you make live.com account
  7. Just a tip for anyone still trying this; I pulled the cord while updating to CF03 at 99% and it still booted up and worked, except it couldn't connect to the network, so it seems it didn't finish writing the phone portion. I took it to verizon, told em I did a hard reset twice, the guy said "thats what i'd do" and said they'd send a refurb in two days. In the mean time I have my old flip phone which ironically I like using way more than the omnia. I can text without felling like I wanna throw it across the room, which I did, which may have caused some screen issues and made me decide to sabotage it. I'm hoping with the Nexus one coming out sometime soon that they'll want to push the Droid or the Eris out to make more room for the N1. Then hopefully in a year when Verizon gets their 4g network up I can do a legit upgrade to a 4g phone. On an interesting side note, the don't actually stock the i910 in any of the stores in my city. The guy at verizon searched their system to see if he could just get me one in store, and nothing, so he had to order it and send it to my apartment. I don't know if they are out of refurbs or just stopped carrying the omnia all together. *Update* Refurb #1 is dead, waiting for refurb #2
  8. you can use sktools to move stuff after its installed, but as far as I know there is no way to do this in an actual install
  9. Well reflashing CF03 didn't give me a screen loop but it did somehow kill the radio, so I couldn't call out or connect to a network. There sending me a refurb in a few days. On an interesting side note, they don't actually carry the i910 in any stores in my city anymore, and I live in a decent sized city. Well if all goes as planned I'll just get an Eris
  10. Really thats odd, but if that does happen that'll save me some explaining to the verizon techs
  11. I've actually noticed the sensitivity has gone done since I bought it 8 months ago, even more so in the past 2. I used to be able to use swype with ease but now its not registering correctly and screen alignments have done nothing. Its also just become ridiculous how how hard I have to press to hit links or buttons. I'm going to flash back to CF03 and send it in because this is just part of a list of failing things that have been consistent across the last few roms I've flashed, and seem to be hardware related.
  12. i910 doesn't have a sim card and I don't know the availability of CDMA networks in other countries. I think a program like no-data might help. You also gotta have a program that stores the maps on the phone as opposed to Google maps which fetches it all from the internet with each connection.
  13. I actually have a copy of that program, how does the plugin work with M2D? *update* I figured it out. I used small icons for spb phone suite and placed that under 6 links to my most used programs. I'm really liking M2D now, and its a nice change from SPB mobile shell. I think I might keep it And for the bluetooth guy, i could swear there a program that makes a simple on/off launcher for bluetooth. If you could find that program then use a link on the home tab that should be what your looking for. I don't use bluetooth but I'll keep an eye for a program similar to that or hopefully a reader knows what I'm talking about *update* a quick google search turned up this http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-downlo...oth-toggle.html
  14. to hop on your thread here, I had a similar question. Would it be possible to add the message widget (i guess you'd call it one) to below the calender. I would be happy with something posted in the picture but if something could be done with the program ^above^ to have the same thing but just for txts, emails, missed call, then a space for opera mini. I'm a total newb when it comes to M2D, 2nd day using it in fact, and I've been using SPB for almost a year, and that the only thing I really miss.
  15. great, how does it work? **Update** Ok so I feel incredibly stupid right now. I rechecked the rom I was thinking of flashing and noticed it had XDA_UC cooked in. I would still like to know how the one posted above works for future reference if I get one that doesn't have xda_uc
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