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  1. He said he's a VIP member, so he gets his New Every 2 every year plus the discount. Verizon just gave me VIP member last year out of the blue. I think if you're loyal long enough they give it to you.
  2. You only needed that cab if you were using a non-cooked ROM. Most (if not all) cooked ROMS already have a working GPS that doesn't need any help.
  3. Turns out I had a recursive folder in My Storage called "Internet". Something must have messed up when I tried to sync the new phone with the old phone's files. I had to reformat the My Storage drive using my PC and that cleared everything up. I agree that BG's ROMS are awesome, that's why I was seeing if anyone else had an issue if I wasn't able to fix it (then I would try to brick it and send it back lol :D ).
  4. Not sure if this was brought up, but in V11 Opera kept freezing and the only way out was a reset. I recently got a new Omnia (cracked the screen on my old one), and it seems to be having issues with most of these ROMS, freezing, etc. The new one came with CF03, but it's having trouble running Bgill's 2.5.1 (which ran perfect on my old Omnia for months). Anyway, was just seeing if it was my phone or the ROM causing lockups.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue on 2.5.1 (I've only had it happen once), but the Wireless Manager had the missing WiFi link bug. Like I said only occurred once, and a soft reset brought it back, so I'm not sure if this issue is back in this XIP and SYS.
  6. That's all I do when I use GPS and it works fine with the default settings. However, you can try COM 8 and a baud of 57600 and see if that helps. The first lock might take a long time.
  7. Ok, so I guess we're stuck with the huge "Dial up" notification windows. Oh well, I'll get used to it.
  8. Was there a way to get rid of the huge notifications that I missed? Loving 1.9 so far!
  9. I use Office everyday to check things for my work, but I wouldn't have an issue installing it later. Now, I just gotta find where you posted that cab earlier :)
  10. I never get a chance to enjoy these ROMs for very long :). J/K, keep up the awesome work.
  11. I think you're correct. Flashing won't erase MY STORAGE (at least it never has on mine, even with flashing the official Verizon ROM). XDA_UC looks for a folder in Storage Card, so if you make one in My Storage, it won't find it.
  12. Yeah, I get that too... if you wait a little longer, it will get a good lock. GPS lock takes about the same time as GoogleMaps, but if you lock with GoogleMaps first, you get a lock with Bing instantly.
  13. Any particular reason why you removed Bing? I actually like that program and it happens to be the thing I use most on my phone. I'll just install it back with XDA_UC, but I was wondering if you found issues with it or if you just forgot to cook it in. Thanks.
  14. I've had it turn on in my pocket using this method a couple times. This is how I usually lock the phone instead of using the sliding lock though. I just use the slide lock if somehow it keeps unlocking in my pocket.
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