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  1. Does anyone else still have one of these?
  2. The last post in this thread is nearly 5 years ago, a lot has changed in 5 years. Is your post just to advertise your business?
  3. His and many other peoples opinion. Have you noticed how leggy Android is? 5 month lag in replying to forum posts make it to slow for me ;)
  4. A troll topic? I've never been called a troll before. your 7 posts obviously make you an expert.. your last line is true but iOS is for people that don't want to be geeks. And thats from an uber geek!
  5. Try a clean install, iOS7 is a lot faster on my iPhone 5 and most people agree that the battery life is much improved as well.
  6. Having seen someone else's Android phone (a Samsung I believe) it did not have most of the problems that my Nexus did so I think my experience is not typical of Android. But I am still very pleased to be back with the iPhone, the 5 is a vast improvement on my 4. I don't think I've ever used BT to transfer files, except once many years ago just to see if I could. What's wrong with email?
  7. I was hoping that someone who had switched from iOS to Android would be able to tell me why. I am quite 'technically minded' as you put and have spent many years flashing phones (starting with flashing the Sony-Ericsson T68i FW on to the original Ericson T68 I was quite involved with winMo ( as can be witnessed frothe number of posts I have both here and on xda-devs) and am savvy enough for the iPhone-Dev team to have asked me to moderate their blog when it got to big for them to moderate themselves. It is not that I am incapable of doing it, I just don't see why I should have to when the iPhone just works. Everything just seems so much harder on Android. I guess maybe I'm just getting old and can't be bothered any more. You spend a lot of time customising Android to end up with something that isn't as good as iOS out of the box.
  8. Your 70 posts here show what a great thinking man you are. To suggest I am a troll or a 'non-thinking man' is, to anyone that knows me absurd. I still do not know why anyone who has tried iOS could possibly prefer Android. I have been around long enough to have tried most Smartphone OSs and was really disappointed by Android.
  9. I've never been called a troll before, been posting here and on dad devs and many other forums for a long time, just never found anything ad bad as Android, given the competition. I didn't see anything iOS could do that WinNo couldn't. Until you try it you will be satisfied with anything but can anyone actually tell me why they think Android is acceptable after trying iOS? iTunrs is awful, if that is what you need then Android is better, but as a mature OS? Can someone that has tried both tell me what they like about Android?
  10. If you're happy with Android, great. I just found it appalling after iOS and am so pleased I have an iPhone again. My Nexus will be back on eBay when I return from holiday. I'm glad some people like Android, it means I might actually be able to sell it!
  11. My new iPhone is at the Post Office, I will collect it in the morning. The first one I bought never turned up. I really can't wait to get rid of Android. Personally, I hate it. If price is your priority buy Android. If you like having to change everything and accept terms I wouldn't then Android might be for you. It's just not for me. Enjoy.
  12. Hopefully my new iPhone will arrive today. My experiment with Android is over. The battery is non removable n my Nexus and even turning of everything that makes a phone usable its life was still awful compared to the iPhone. I prefer my device to be secure rather than wide open to hacking and I've never had Apple pull an app whereas to install any Android app it asks for permissions which, in lots of cases I just was not prepared to give. Customization? I can't be bothered with the amount of work involved. Nothing 'just works' like it does on the iPhone, Android just makes everything more difficult, from when you type in your 4 digit pass code and nothing happens until you realise Android expects you to hit the enter key as well (why?) it just goes downhill. I guess we'll have to agree to differ, I'm sure you will never buy another iPhone and I'm fairly certain I am not masochistic enough to buy another Android device so I'll just say good luck. So long as your happy with your device and I'm happy with mine. It would be a sad world if we all wanted exactly the same.
  13. Having used iOS for the past few years and my daughter wanting my phone I graver her my iPhone 4 for her birthday (she gave me her 3GS to sell) I decided there was no point in buying an iP5 so would try Android and if I didn't like it I would buy the new iPhone when it came out in septemberish. I bought a Nexus 4 and really hate it. Just like WinMo did everything the iPhone did until you saw an iPhone, the same is true with Android. I'm sure it is great if you've not used iOS, but seriously? Has anyone used iOS and thought Android is serious as an alternative!
  14. Well, I'm new to Android. I've just ordered a Nexus 4. I've been using iPhones for the past few years, not used Android. Before that i knew a bit aboutr Win Mo and before that Symbian and others. Is there anyone here I know? Any tips for an iPhone user coming to Android? Hi Everyone.
  15. Just ordered my first Android phone, came here and found I can't post a new topic? What's up with that Paul?
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