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  1. my phone wont startup after trying to put this rom on ..... what can i do now.... wont start at all... i got some error and OFF
  2. nice one... fast.... so far stable... will see after a few days of testing it... but so far so damn good :lol:
  3. what is the way to flash from custom rom to official samsung omnia II rom ?
  4. I'va put all that is possible to off and still something is "eating" my battery ... phone is new... 14days ..... 1st battery was drained to 0 so i had to buy new (warrenty) coz old one was not charging any more..... more and more i think, my guess is that is something wrong with omnia II and not with battery. Is it possible to downgrade ROM and then update with kies or Samsung new pc studio to a official ROM ? (coz of warrenty) btw im using il2 verzion now
  5. fully charged at 11pm ... at 7am its at 32% ... hmm... i guess there is something wronmg with the phone and not with the battery
  6. having the same problem... phone was charged 100% at round 8pm and at round 6am, battery was 0%. I've turned off most of the stuff aka BT,HSDPA on off,performace set to low,WIFi off, brightness to minimum....etc btw Im using secany's ROM i8000XXJB1. Any ideas ? P.S. Is it possible to downgrade to i8000NXXIJ9 and then update with Samsung Kies or New PC Studio to official ROM ?
  7. 23518-Fat (Nick 25-1-10) Step 1. Eboot image Downloading Downloading EBOOT... Eboot : Write to SDRAM FAIL!!! 1-1. Download Eboot DL_MSG_CHECK_FAIL Download failed!! :) B) :D P.S ok i finnaly did it after 3rd try ;) 3rd is a charm ? B) Downloading EBOOT... EBOOT image downloaded. Step 2. PDA image Downloading Downloading PDA region #1(DISKIMAGE)... PDA Image Length : 125006127 PDA image downloaded. Step 3. Customer image Downloading Downloading CSC... GetSize : 126976 CSC finished.
  8. battery drainage is stronger then in 23509, but will give it a try for few more days to see. But everything else is working perfect! :D
  9. thank you for 28005-FloTanium, will try it today and report any problems
  10. hehe i+ll wait then for better version or 28*** :D but still happy with 23509 :(
  11. Nicklashidegard maybe you cant put in ROM progress bar for BT sending/receiving, or can this app. be installed manualy ?
  12. The only this is that for iGO i have to chabe com port in setting of phone and then it works fine. Google maps is working too. well i use Nav N Go iGO8 and its works fine GARMIN XT works fine too
  13. i can confirm that google maps is working fine. The only aplication that i miss in this ROM is cleanRAM :D but i've d/l it already and now ROM is perfect :(
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