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    Htc Desire - Android 2.2
  1. Very nice theme! Nice having some colours for a change.
  2. Both doesn't have Danish. so i'm not interested. (even though they looks like they are quite good)
  3. It's supposed to come out in about 5 weeks. (Maybe more) Give them time to think and update. :)
  4. You did it the right way. Yes you will lose data when you shift to a different rom. (If you wipe it) But you could make a nandroid backup of the one you have now so that you can always go back to what you have know WITH all data. (Using Rom Manager) Or you could make a backup of what you want saved by using titanium backup. Hope this helps :)
  5. There are several message backup programs on the market. Always check your possibilities before doing something that may (or may not) delete valuable data. And by the way. As far as I know the Desire makes a backup itself. (maybe all 2.1 which are built on the stock Htc rom)
  6. If I flash this rom. Will I be able to flash back to original unrooted with the RUU fo windows?
  7. Do you have to be rooted?
  8. Download: 4064 Upload: 1189 Ping: 102 (kbps) Telia DK
  9. If you want to you can download a task manager and just do so that it doesn't auto kill. But if you read, android closes apps by itself. And the apps are suspended if you don't use them, making them use very little (if any) resources. -Naruto (sorry for my english, it's a little rusty)
  10. No. Use the internet. I found this on wikipedia "hidden function can be accessed by dialing *#*#2432546#*#* which will "check in" to Google's servers. This will force your Nexus One to search for patches and updates immediately." i also found similar results on other webpages. (can't remember the sites tho :rolleyes:) But google removed the update from their servers. -Naruto
  11. It's still not a "Leaked" rom. But I read on wikipedia that if you enter a code you'll get the update on googles server.
  12. I don't and I find my phone faster and more stable. (I used them for a time) I also found this, helped me make up my mind. http://geekfor.me/faq/you-shouldnt-be-usin...r-with-android/
  13. NarutoDKz

    Battery life

    Very good find. But it may also depend on the speed of the wifi. In my case the 3g network is faster than wifi so I doesn't use wifi anymore. But when I did it used more battery, probably because of the speed. (I have 10 mbps wifi)
  14. I doens't understand German. But as far as I know the update came OVA (over-the-air) update for the nexus one. That would mean that it isn't a "Leaked" rom. There may be some bugs, but shouldn't be a pre-release version.
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