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  1. Anybody please upload a new M2Dv2 ROM on another file hosting! MediaFire doesn't respond...
  2. :) I must say that Ock's support is really fast and well-qualified! So let's wait for his answers... :-)
  3. ''Try the attached cab. Disable_M2D_Home_Weather.cab ( 70.75K )'' Hi Ock! I installed this cab and then soft-resetted the device. The weather disappeared from Home tab but the black bar remained on it's place. How to fix it?
  4. I guess that since DXIF1 arrived the 2nd post needs to be updated. :)
  5. Did anyone test new phone firmware DXIF1? I've flashed it right now... Here are the first impressions on it: GPRS connects more quickly and the speed is a little bigger (IMHO) compared to PUJA1. GPS works the same as with PUJA1. All the russian Omnia users praise that new phone firmware, and me too. :-)
  6. It's a quite normal behavior for this battery driver. 2 all: I see no criminal in discussions about modifying some graphics, system files, etc, because topic's ROM are not ideal, there are some bugs in graphics and in translation into English. I reported about it to JN Foundation a long time ago.
  7. Andrew, your case is particular, because you are dealing with the graphics. But I want to operate with system files (exe, dll, mui), and the way you did it is not suitable for me. For example, I need to fix WiFiNetwork.exe (to change some dialogs from German to English). First of all, I need to copy it to my PC. But the copied file is somehow different that the original one. So even I copy it back it will not run again. Then, I need to create a CAB-file from it and to sign it with a trusted certificate (or turn off the security). If I do so, I can upload that fix here and to share it with you. Or we shall wait for K.Radd. :P
  8. Andrew, how did you solve the problem with changing the files in Windows folder?
  9. I've checked it right now and it's OK, I see my calls log after pressing the right softkey.
  10. Andrew, it works in your case (if you need to change the PNG graphics). But how do you change any exe file in Windows folder? They are really protected.
  11. Here I go again! :P I am glad to say that I found a solution how to overwrite the files in Windows folder. I've learned that only CAB-installers can do it. So I can take any system file (such as WiFiNetwork.exe), copy it to PC, then fix it in binary editor, and then to make CAB from it. The only problem I have is in cab files are not digitally signed with a trusted certificate and cannot be installed on this ROM. There are two different ways to solve it. 1. To learn how to sign my CABs with a trusted certificate. 2. To learn how to turn off the certificates verification.
  12. Resco File Explorer cannot do it. Now I'm searching for some kind of utility that can do it.
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