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  1. WOW~~~ Those roms are so cool for my taste too!!! :P You are the best, bro :lol: I tried a Chinese fix called Kaidi_sunfon_chinese_font.cab I found in this thread, and it works on Yonn i900 SPB DROID 29020 V3, but NOT the HS++ 21690 v2.01 one. Maybe I did something wrong in the progress. I'll share my findings when I figure it out. Thanks again, man. The B-Design is fabulous.
  2. Yes, I had done exactly the first 6 steps but got no luck... I will try to figure it out from the xda-developers forum then. Got the Yonn i900 23144 M2D STD XPR (M2D Sense ROM 5 NOV 2010). Awesome. Thanks a lot, Boris.
  3. Any one knows how to add Chinese language support? All Chinese characters show squares. And I installed all cab I can found in this and other threads but none of them works... I'm using Yonn i900 HS++ 21690 v2.01 2MBCache 8MB PagePool XPR I'm frustrated... I love this rom so much. Please help....!! Much thanks.
  4. Thank you so much, Boris. That's so great. Yes, if you could upload Yonn i900 23144 M2D STD XPR (M2D Sense ROM 5 NOV 2010), that will be awesome. I really appreciate it, man.
  5. The download links don't seem to work any more. Any one can upload the roms somewhere please? I really like the rom... Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys. I just flashed "i908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM 6.5.X build 23563 Manila2D V2 Spirito Maligno 25.04.10" to my i900. After I used it for several days, I found that when I pressed the "call logs" button on the main screen, it started the camera instead of going to call logs. I figure I might set up something wrong by mistake, and I don't know where I did wrong, so I just hard reset the phone. It worked fine after that. But after several hours, the "call logs" button starts to bring me to the camera again now... This time I am sure I didn't touch any set up about those buttons... Anyone had the similar situations? Can someone tell me how to fix it? THanks!!
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