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  1. I bought the phone in an orange shop about 2 weeks ago... If I go to an orange shop, would they be able to exchange the phone there? Or will they give me some other [email protected]? Getting so fed up with this, just wanna exchange the phone...
  2. I have a feeling that this could be software related, as I have problems sometimes. Feeling as though it needs to be pressed really hard. Like at the weekend, half the time itwouldn't turn on at all. But then ever since, has been virtually ok, with only a few times taking hard presses... Would be nice though to get a definitive answer as to why it does this...
  3. Yup, I can confirm that that works perfectly on the phone... You will need to be rooted though to do this. I've posted what you need to do to get it on the phone in that thread also :) (once you're rooted that is :))
  4. OK, scrap that... In seb's rom, he had a com.android.mms.apk as well as the Mms.apk I had uploaded to the phone... That was the problem. Removed his com.android.mms and the one I uploaded works fine now :)
  5. Having a bit of a problem with this rom at the mo in terms of sms... I applied the Mms.apk file from this fix, but now, evertime I restart the rom, load my messages up, it asks me "Do you want to limit the number of messages you save per conversation?". Then, I check through the settings and all my spoofing has been reset... Any way to get the settings to stick? [Edit] OK, sorted it. In seb's rom, he had a com.android.mms.apk as well as the Mms.apk I had uploaded to the phone... That was the problem. Removed his com.android.mms and the one I uploaded works fine now :)
  6. Having a bit of a problem with the seb 404 rom at the mo though, in that everytime the phone starts up, the settings have been lost... Anyone any ideas why that might be?
  7. Not had any problem for the past few days (even using the froyo alpha), but put seb's rom back on (well, I'd used R4 before, now trying R5), after deleting the cache and the user data, and now seem to be having problems with the market place... Not able to download via 3g or wifi... :)
  8. Just trying this out. Looking great from my first tests. Not got any problems with the calendar that I've noticed... Apart from now it manages to sync with exchange, I get duplicates because I sync'd my exchange calendar with my google calendar. So, I'm getting both versions of an event... lol. Fortunately, also, I haven't had any probs with the calendar force closing. Does this only happen when trying to do certain things?!
  9. Only problem I have with it, is the fact of the power button being a pain... It's getting worse and worse...
  10. What is the fix for busybox? Tried looking in original thread and couldn't see :P
  11. Can I ask whether you have restore sms on to the phone at all? I had a problem sending sms after restoring my sms. After a full data wipe, I could send the sms no prob, after restoring, I had problems. Appears the problem was the way it was being restored... Also, I've sent sms with an sms count of 3 no problem to friends on Vodafone and Orange... So should work fine... [Edit] After checking, if you start to do a sms which has a count of 4 sms, then it converts it to an mms message straight away... So, as mELIANTE says, can you send mms ok? Just sent a mms of just text which is equivalent of 4 sms, and it received just fine... (also, OT, anyone noticed that the quick edit doesn't seem to work properly, or is it just me?!)
  12. Also, wouldn't a new camera require new drivers for that camera?! Or do all cameras use the same drivers?! Doubt it...
  13. Best to get a later version if you can... Using on my phone... Works great :P
  14. Really? And does it stay unlocked if you return to a 2.1 build? Also as for battery usage, had my phone running now for just over 24 hours. Not done much usage with it, but I did have navigon sat nav running for about 45 minutes yesterday. Data usage is on 24 hours, checking email every 15 minutes on an imap server, with exchange and google mail push. Used tapatalk for about 5 minutes, and about 5 minutes phone calling. Still have 30% left it reckons... My advice is to try and condition the battery best you can... When I first got the phone, used it straight out of the box. Had about 40% battery. Used it till it was dead (apart from plugging in to usb to flash and do a few other things to it). Then, charged it full for about 4 hours (was full in about 3, but left it for another hour). Then, kept using it till it died, recharged it fully, and so on for about 8 times (do it for at least 5 I would say, and up to 10). Now, I just use it as is. If battery is < 20% when I go to bed, I just stick it on charge...
  15. It's weird... Mine is working perfectly fine this morning now?! Anyone else who has had same problems?!
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