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  1. Dont forget to post the link to rapid share..
  2. Just added another/replaced torrent with loads more trackers to the first post, should be ok now..
  3. Showing 2 seeders and 3 peers now...
  4. I think RIL stands for Radio Interface Layer. The RIL file contains updated drivers and setting to work with a specific Radio version. This means the latest radio`s will work how they should, without any conflicts and certain things not working, like wifi ect. Hope this answers your question..
  5. RIL.zip RIL.zip Rename the file to .torrent And remember to seed ppl Latest_radios_with_RIL.torrent.zip
  6. Does anyone have a flashable RIL for the latest radio Would be most appreciated..
  7. Well r9 is the dogs bollocks for me it works perfect with no issues whatsoever. It seems a little faster than r8 as well. One very happy customer...
  8. I have this exact same problem with modoco r8 rom. I would like a fix as its very annoying, you can guarantee nearly every time I’m on a phone call, someone will txt me and then I can’t hear a word the person is saying that I’m talking too..
  9. Hi, would it be possible to include a auto call recording feature into your next rom R9. I found this extremely useful on my omnia for remembering appointments ect.. I`v tried nearly all programs available but non work... Bye the way... Your R8 rom is excellent, so far had no problems whatsoever with it. The on-line kitchen is mint as well.
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