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  1. I have some issues with 25018 build. Where do you find other builds and what is the most stable one (236xx ???) Can I just copy the build folders into the kitchen where other builds are found?
  2. Hi all, After reading all possible forums and trying all existing applications, I am still unable to use VOIP on my Omnia. I have Asterisk SIP account at my work that I can freely use for all my needs. Currently I am using PortSIP and SJPhone, but I am trying to get something more integrated, with normal UI and better voice quality. Native VOIP client (available in different variations around in many forums) is great. Good quality, no problems with waking up the device on incoming call and device unlocking. The problem is that the native client only works over Wifi and not over 3G. Stop, I know about the registry option and I have it enabled. The problem is different. I researched the problem and found the cause: while using Wifi, the device reports GSM codec (or alaw/ulaw if no GSM is installed). When using 3G, the INVITE message reports in SDP section the only available codec 97/RED. I don't know what is RED, but 97 is ILBC. Enabling ILBC in asterisk will allow the device/phone to ring, but the call will be dropped instantly, since the VOIP client not really supports ILBC. I don't know what is causing the device to send 97/RED instead of 3/GSM such as over Wifi Does anybody have an idea? Thanks!
  3. I have this problem with other 6.5 ROMs as well. This is probably S2U2 bug
  4. Hi, Using 23563 Titatium Classic. Have power management problems with direct push. I don't get push emails when the device is suspended. Worked well with previous 22004 build. Does anybody use direct push? Any suggestions to the power management settings? Any changes in the latest build to fix this?
  5. 21901 UL 1. Camera button is not working (both to start camera app and to focus/shoot) 2. Setting SmartLock to lock on dim will not wake up with a front button Thanks
  6. Answering my question for other users: Under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\AudioGateway registry key: change ConnectScoInAlways to zero
  7. These are good news, since that means there are some settings to get this behavior. It could be set in your ROM (i910 vs mine i900) or just provider configuration. I checked with two more people with the same device as mine but different headsets. The call is always answered from the headset... If somebody knows how to change that, please help!
  8. In my previous HTC Hermes device I had a nice feature: answering incoming call using phone Send button will automatically switch to the handset even when bluetooth headset is connected. Using the BT headset button, the call will be answered from the headset. I would like to have this feature in my new Omnia, since I am not always using a headset when answering calls. Does anybody know where this feature come from? All HTC devices? Any solutions?
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