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  1. Hello Do someone know were i can find that firmware for the new mini pro.....????? I have looked over @ xda and the other online site with debrand but non have firmware for mini pro
  2. I don't think some one can but i hope :unsure:
  3. I have a mini pro here in denmark, and my market have changed of its self, so i have the update all and auto update
  4. I have got it, for nordic you need ng1 firmware
  5. Hello i have the pro but its branded from a provider and now i wants to get a unbranded firmware, i have fund the generic uk firmware but then on the qwerty hardware keyboard i don't have æøå so can someone point me to the place i can find a generic nordic or danish firmware
  6. Hello apps do not install on the sd card it is installed on device memory, you can try to open google talk sometimes it helps, and the past days the market sucks many have problems
  7. They are widget for you home press menu add widget there you find them
  8. the wildfire is rooted :-( and you right about the x10 mini, but i think is also a great phone like htc hero
  9. Hello :) Then i had my hero with root, and used marketaccess to buy apps, i have buy the app tapatalk pro and now i have the x10 mini and now i cant use marketaccess to see paid apps, but on my downloads i can see the apps that i have buyed but the problem is with tapatalk pro the currect version is 1.6.7 but the version i can download is 1.3.2..... How can it be that i can't download the currect version, i think tapatalk is the only with that problem.... Can someone help or ...????
  10. over @xda i don't think they will try to root it, so i don't think there will be root for the mini :-(
  11. Hello I want to know will the mini be root like the big brother x10, or do devs think it's not worth it?????? I hope it will come
  12. Yes i have Edit. now it works, i had to untrick the settings for auto recive mms to get no force close in chompsms
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