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  1. ......

    The link u gave out says it has expired......

    can u please assist me in getting another link to the rom update download......i need to upgrade my mda vario 2 to windows mobile 6.1

    can anyone else assist in getting another link.....the link above has expired....

    Hi, I have the file and uploaded to google docs for you, let me know when you have downloaded


  2. I'm having trouble getting Spotify to work with this ROM. When I try to download Spotify from the market place, the download fails. I went to the Spotify website and they provided me with a link that I can use to download Spotify directly from my phone browser, it does actually download when but I try to open it I get the following error message:

    'The application Spotify (process com.spotify.mobile.andrioid.ui) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.'

    How can I fix this? Is it the ROM that's not compatible with Spotify?


    I installed this ROM yesterday and was just able to install Spotify from the market. I opened it and signed in ok, it then informed my I don't have premium so can't use spotify mobile.

    I also noticed this on the spotify website, note sure if it helps.

    * Having problems installing from the Market? If so, from your Android phone, go to Settings > Applications and check the box called Unknown sources. Then, using the phone’s browser, go to m.spotify.com and use the option manual install. Hope that does the trick.

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