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  1. SinSilla

    PDair Leather Flipcase TG01

    I´ve got a short review with more pictures on here. But beware, it´s written in german. :D Actually, the case adds some more 4mm to the TG01. But you gain some extra grip with it due to the open parts were the hardbuttons are located, which is really nice. - TG01 without Crystal Case: 70/130/9,9 mm - TG01 with Crystal Case: 74/134/14 mm After three weeks of usage i must admit that the backside of the case is already noticeable scratched, but i guess i prefer that over a scratched TG01...
  2. Don´t take the following as an offense, but a german user experienced a quite smiliar problem, and it has been his cheek which triggered the touchscreen tactile and audio feedback. :D Other than that i haven´t heard of any other users having similar problems. But again it seems as if only the Orange Users are affected...strange.
  3. SinSilla

    PDair Leather Flipcase TG01

    That´s interesting, i thought that they should be available internationally, but couldn´t find those on ebay.com or amazon.com either. You can find them on ebay.de and amazon.de (and other german online stores), maybe there is a reseller who ships those world wide.
  4. SinSilla

    PDair Leather Flipcase TG01

    I´m using a crystal case for my TG01. I like those the most since usability remains the same and i think it looks great. :angry: And they are cheap as hell, it was 4€ including shipping costs. :D
  5. SinSilla

    G-Sensor in TG01 - Emu Dev?

    Wow, very interesting find! Do you have access to more official technical documents?
  6. SinSilla


    Hehe, Schtruck teased me a little but didnt go into details. I knew that he fixed autorotate and that the new osd will be "very interesting" on TG01. Haven´t had much time last couple of days, i guess i should contact him tonight. Made me curious, maybe i can throw away my gamepad now. ;)
  7. SinSilla


    Site is down due to an little misunderstanding between Schtruck and his Hosting Provider. He´s already in contact with them but it seems as if they take plenty of time.......
  8. Fluxkompensator, employee at the german carrier O2 has confirmed an october release for the WinMo 6.5 update, together with an probably exclusive gimmick which remains unknown until then i guess. Ty to AlejandroFefe from htc-developers for that info! Greetings, Sin
  9. Ty for your Reply Wishmaster, i hope there will be more info available soon for us. In the meantime, for those interested, my TG01 GLBenchmark results have finally been processed and are now available for the public. http://www.glbenchmark.com/phonedetails.jsp?D=Toshiba%20TG01 #12 on overall result database But i you have a closer look at the TG01 results (low level 3d!!!) you can see that there is something wrong, really really wrong. I contacted Southend, the developer of the upcomoing Electopia Game, since they are obviously working with the Adreno Core (and since Toshi, AMD/ATI, Qualcomm didnt reply to any email they are my last hope in the moment ^^), lets see if they bother to reply.
  10. Heyho, same as on xda-zone ;) Topic already available. http://www.modaco.com/content/toshiba-tg01...date-available/ Ty nevertheless. :)
  11. SinSilla

    SRS WOW HD on TG01

    The recent reports (typhoon and the heavy earthquakes) from japan left me worried, i hope our japanese friends and their families are okay!? I really really hope that there won´t be a tsunami caused by the earthquakes. :) Best of luck to spho and ise_fuji (and of course all the other people from japan and other affected areas reading this)
  12. SinSilla

    TG01 intermittently shuts down .

    Same question to you, did you experience this with your stock TG01? I´m more than sure that they tested the device with their stock rom and preinstalled software, but you can only guess how many people you would need to test a combination of all the available applications out there. :) And justj, i didn´t want to say that you shouldnt install third party apps, it was just ment for testing purposes. Of course i have a lot of apps running too, but only those which definitely won´t cause any problems on my device. But of course, you have to test this on your own, can´t blame Toshiba for not doing so.
  13. SinSilla

    Battery (spare part) wanted

    Form follows function at its best :) Looking like that TG01 is pregnant with twins...(somehow it is hehe) Nevertheless, Kudos to ise_fuji for pointing us in the right direction.
  14. SinSilla


    You should use your original purchased CDs to get the necessary files, can´t give you any other answer in this forum (rules).
  15. SinSilla


    Yes besides the 4 action buttons it comes with L1/L2 and R1/R2 Buttons too. But the build quality is pretty bad i must admit, i already have problems with the dpad ("right" isn´t always working).

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