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  1. anyone able to help on this? seems like spv-developers are not renewing the domain :'( is the only solution to phone orange now? starting to wish i'd unlocked my c500 before.
  2. i need help on this too. anyone know how to unlock a C500 now?
  3. my phone kept calling people under the locked mode so i activated the 4-pin password to make calls. now it's saying my sim is locked and i need a puk code!!! ARGH!!!!!!! is there nothing i can do but wait to phone orange tomorrow???
  4. ok it was a bit of a weird one. having had problems in the past and one phone totally die on me i didn't know what to do. it wasn't responding to anything and nothing would light up when the charger was connected. i ended up leaving the phone connected to the charger for a few hours. came back and it had started charging again. now it's been totally fine. strange?!?
  5. i managed to sort it. 8) i found the autostart file on the miniSD card and ran it. now it works. why can't things work the way they're supposed to!!!! :evil:
  6. I got in the post today and already i'm having problems ;) i put the minisd card in and turn on the phone but the app doesn't appear in the menu. using smart explorer i pressed the .exe file and got it to load. i entered all the verification stuff and the program works (but still does not appear in the menu :D) the gps reciever doesn't seem to connect either. i turned on bluetooth and added it as a device but the app doesn't seem to connect ;) has anyone else had any problems like these? and can anyone give advice :D
  7. ok, here's the problem. I had my first c500 and it died. I got a replacement battery (free) from Orange and it worked..........then after a few days it died and a new battery didn't work......so Orange replaced the phone. Now my new phone has died. It's just stopped working and won't charge or anything. I'm starting to think about getting Orange to change my phone for something else. Anyone have similar problems or know what to do? Cheers Ade
  8. After three weeks (ish) I have noticed 1 spec of dust. I've had to order myself the Krussel leather case, despite the fact that I don't ever buy leather :cry: :cry: Nearly saw myself ordering a bluetooth headset but then came to my senses and realised I should check my bank balance first :roll:
  9. Not sure because it's a quality transcend card. £60 (inc delivery!!!!) is bargain. THE cheapest I have found in the UK. 512mb should do me nicely until the 1gb's are released.
  10. Got mine today! (the postman woke me up this morning!). Works perfect. I'll have to fill it up with DVDs and MP3s!!!!!!
  11. POP3, email address: ***@btopenworld.com (or ***@btinternet.com) username: ***@btopenworld.com (or ***@btinternet.com) password: ********* network: The Internet incoming server: mail.btinternet.com thats pretty much it ^_^
  12. Mines dust free after two weeks. I keep it in my left pocket and seperate from my wallet and keys. It's difficult being left handed because I keep wanting to put the keys in the left pocket and have to swap them to my right!!!!!! I want a case but refuse to buy leather.
  13. I've installed a few V500 games on my C500 and they all work with full sound. Shame the screen size can't be changed (windows blue menu bits) :) I've completed Prince of persia sands of time. You've just gotta watch out for the switches and razors when you're on the lower levels. Splinter cell 1 and 2 are good too. The fact that you cannot exit most of the games is annoying because I keep having to pull the battery out, eek!
  14. if someone does this they could become RICH!!!!!!!! I'd buy the software. Good idea :)
  15. I've ordered a 512mb miniSD for £60 (inc delivery!!!!) but they are out of stock for about a week. If I already owned a 256mb then I'd just wait til the 1gb comes out. But my silly 16mb card is over half way and I only have 2 wma's!!!!!
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