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  1. Can confirm flicking bluetooth fixed data for me too.. now this is officially amazing! Well done dude
  2. Cheers man, never encountered it before lol.. Will do that now
  3. I cant seem to get into recovery to flash the gapps lol.. Ive tried rebooting from the power menu, from boot menu and via adb... doesnt seem to work
  4. I just prefer aokp due to the rom control options...
  5. OMG the speed is amazing.. i dont seem to have as much screen flicker either..
  6. guitarfreak

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    Ive edited in the lines posted but mines still saying Transformer under model number? everything else has changed, 3.1 etc (wish it was lol)
  7. Just sold my iPad 2 so i can get the transformer and dock.. Do you think ive made the right decision? I am a big fan of apple products but i love the whole android experience, im now using a SGS2 as my phone and i love it. Never used honeycomb though. I was trying to find pauls review but cant seem to find it? Thanks
  8. Would this be worth getting over my nexus one?
  9. Oh and also!! While i was out today.. Wifi kept turning its self back on. Even when i turned it off!
  10. Oh ok lol. Quite annoying i got the low storage in my status bar :D 17mb lol.. When i was on stock i had 80mb! Im sure Paul will sort it :P
  11. Lol i pushed the dalvik update but it hasnt done nothing.. Did i do right right clicking and saving link as? im on mac, maybe it saved it wrong
  12. Mine says device or resource is busy when i try to do the mount & push.. thats while im in recovery too!
  13. My Gtalk doesnt open either.. lol
  14. Scratch my earlier post it is working i think.. just slightly less cus of the dalvik cache.. Ive installed everything and im on 37mb
  15. Lol i installed ubuntu.. Messed up my sd.. fixed it.. done the ext 3 first then the fat32. Loaded up phone and all my apps were screwed cus id reformatted the sd wiped, reinstalled rom.. now reinstalling apps. and they are deffo installing on sd card but my memory is going down rapidly again. started with 64mb again

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