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  1. i got this Dopod 577W smartphone as a gift but the language on the phone is chinese traditional dont understand anything even the start menu is in chinese. is there anyway of changing it to english? the phone looks exactly like the imate sp5 and the qtek 8310 plz any help would be great!!!
  2. Hi i have a mitac mio 8390 and would like to know where to get a software update for my phone to either windows mobile 03Se or windows mobile 5, and is it free or do i have to pay for this upgrade. thankyou your help will be very much apresiated
  3. hey any news on this wifi sd card for 8390 it would be great if it works!!!???
  4. Anyone know where i can grab that mophun emulator that was mentioned erliar in this forum because ive searched all over the net for it! its for smartphone QVGA!
  5. PLEASE POST WHICH JAVA APPS OR GAMES WORK WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE Ive tried some and these ones have worked for me. OPERA (Web browser) Who want to be a mill,,, (game) Fast n furious Tokyo Drift (game) Mari Sharapova Tennis (game) Collin mcrae rally 4 (game) Please note these games where meant to be used on a sony ericcson s700i because it has the same screen res as my imate SP5 QVGA but when i tried other java games like nokia etc most of them didnt work or didnt display full screen and also some did display full screen but could not detect keypad. So plz add to the list THANKYOU!!!!!!
  6. (NEWS REGARDING STREET DUEL-QVGA) I just worte to Pixel logic, asking when street duel will be coming out in qvga version they said this= We are planning to release a qvga version, but not sure when. We are waiting for PocketHAL, the graphics middleware we use, to be updated to qvga. In the meantime the game should still work on qvga devices in a 75% window.
  7. Leo's Flight Simulator for Smartphone 1.0 just browsing thru www.smartphone.net and found this game its a port from Pocket pc WOW!!!!!!!!
  8. How do you you make it work for the SP3i beacuase all i can here is the game sound when i open it and black screen This is also the same what happens to QUAKE and wolf 3d!!!!!
  9. but will the games in smartphone upgrade or will there be more in the future!!!
  10. Imate sp3i smartphone For PSP!!! do you think its worth it or should i keep my Sp3i Smartphone
  11. got a windows smartphone sp3i just wondering if u can convert a .sis to windows mobile format because i found the midtown madness 3d game but its in .sis format so can anyone help thanks!!!!!!!
  12. just downloaded Registry Editor for smartphone 2003 and wanting to change skin for win media player and actualy chaged the default skin directory one dammmm now my media player doesnt work so does know what the defalut path is cause i lost it if anyone has Registry Editor plz look tthrough and tell me plz!!!
  13. Will there ever be sound (Pico-Drive) Come on we gotta do somting. How come the s60 phones got sound on their versions or is it just over id like to help thanks for reading!!!! Lets do somthing NOW!!!!
  14. just got smartgear emulater full version for my 8390 but when i load a game gear rom it just shows a black screen and plays the games sound anyone here can help plz!!!!
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