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  1. delboydell

    Headphone & amplified sound output

    your car radio will be a headphone input(a 3.5mm socket? and is designed for a higher input voltage) than the red and bleck (white) phono sockets glad i could help
  2. delboydell

    Headphone & amplified sound output

    Its not a fault, just the way it works, unlike other devices with a propper headphone socket that includes an actual swich to route the audio, the tg01 neads to see a resistance of 4 ohms accross the headphone pins in the mini usb socket,to make it switch the audio, most amps phono inputs have an input impedence of 75 ohms - to large for the tg01 to sence, use a 3.5mm headphone splitter with headphones plugged into one side and the other to your amp. sorted
  3. delboydell

    TG01 - Weird noises during calls

    the problem is hardware as the interferance and cutting out happens with the phone to any ear, on speakerphone, wired and bluetooth headset/carkit. Toshiba say it is fixed(dont belive them) in the new stock but try getting a new not referb from orange. I have contacted consumer direct and as long as the phone was bought from orange with airtime contact (not a high st store) they are fully liable for the phone. And you will be able to get out of contract becouse of this, but it neads to be done via snail mail, as the call center monkeys, will just quote your contract details over and over, but statue law overides any contract terms in this case.
  4. delboydell

    I give up on TG01

    thanks for that, did you return the phone to orange? if so what department did you go through? Im having one or two problems talking to the right person / department.
  5. delboydell

    I give up on TG01

    could anyone compair the ringing volume between the phones? the low volume on the tg01 is a real problem for me?
  6. delboydell

    wrong battery values

    wow, 10% mine never gets below 40%.....................before switching off without any notification
  7. delboydell

    Battery Indicator Sticking

    yes welcome to the club!
  8. delboydell

    PDair Leather Flipcase TG01

    hows the ring volume when its in the case? is it totally inaudible?
  9. delboydell

    Garmin Mobile XT on TG01

    yes its working fine, no nead for gps gate program either, I tried tomtom and had issues. mobile xt worked without tweaking the gps com ports, and after using tomtom for sevral years on my ameo, I think i prefer it.
  10. so i have had my device for over a week now (uk orange) and fail to get more than 8 hrs use with less than 10 mins of calls no email no blue tooth no wifi, no media use either. If bluetooth is on email checking every 15 mins same ammount of calls 5 mins internet use the battery still goes flat at arround 8 hours. strange thing yesterday I thought all was ok as it reported 100% all day long then switched off without warning in a call 7 hrs after taking off charge. Now is this problem just orange rom related or is it worldwide? And was this virus that was reported in the german o2 roms anything power related? Please post your findings along with operator / rom vertion my s/w is 5001.0001.58 sp-00 radio 5001.0001.58 :)
  11. delboydell

    SatNav port

    just to let you know i installed garmin mobile xt last night, works perfect and no nead for gps gate, it found the gps port automaticly. and It runs so smooth too. As a nav Its ok too.
  12. hi, how are people finding the ring volume and in call volume? Mine is only just audible, orange are sending a replacement today, but if its still the same ?? Has anyone found the registry entry with a posiblity to make it louder? I dont think its the limitation of the speaker thats the problem as the dtmf keypad tones are way louder than the conversation volume, and the same applies to blue tooth connections too.
  13. delboydell

    SatNav port

    that worked a treat. thanks a lot. How senstive is the gps antenna on the tg01, i am getting 4 satalites indoors! What vertion of tomtom are you running? as my ver 5.2 is only on the top 3rd of the screen and wont run in landscape mode.
  14. delboydell

    SatNav port

    yes I would also love to find this out two spent the last 2 evenings trying every setting ;)

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