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  1. Thanks so much for the M2D version. GPS works a treat. I added java, m2d config. Did't think that anyone would fill the gap left by sector but well done you did ;)
  2. Bye bye Sector. I hated my Omnia with the original software. Then I never looked back after trying one of your roms. I've never had a phone where I updated the firmware every week but its been a pleasure seeing the roms evolve. Thanks a million mate.
  3. Everyone gets this mate, search the forum for the weather fix. Install, restart your Omnia and its sorted.
  4. Install this. Update the weather on the weather tab. Switch off your Omnia, switch it back on again. The home page should be refreshed. Manila_Home_Weather_Updater__with_MortScript_.cab
  5. Use the Manila_Home_Weather_Updater__with_MortScript. Update the weather on the weather tab, reset and then the home page will be correct. Manila_Home_Weather_Updater__with_MortScript_.cab
  6. Look for this post Trying installing this fix for updating weather on home screen. It works for me. Attached File(s) Manila_Home_Weather_Updater__with_MortScript_.cab ( 196.79K ) Number of downloads: 178 This is how it works on my Omnia. I update on the weather tab and after I switch off and back on again the home screen weather is updated.
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