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    hi! ^_^ Dont you worry , 10pin bowling is coming to smartphone :D
  2. kat_thee

    Tambayan Thread

    ewan ko na lng kung hindi pa magets ng iba....hay may multo yata..takot ako! :shock:
  3. kat_thee

    Tambayan Thread

    ewan ko ba /you ano gnawa saken. hoy ano ginawa /you saken? siguro interesado ka sken /you ?!!! :P
  4. kat_thee

    EB Thread

  5. kat_thee

    Maligayang kaarawan sa YOU!

    okay pzee libre mo....yahoooo! gets mo na? gets ko na! wahahahaha! wapak na dyan.... :) :roll:
  6. kat_thee

    Tambayan Thread

    waaaaaaaaah eb ulit sila..... wala ako e.... :lol: kumusta naman eb nyo kagabi? may SPAMe din ba pumunta? @pzee thanks ha :)
  7. kat_thee

    Maligayang kaarawan sa YOU!

    belated happy bday randy.... si kat_thee daw bahala sa lahat! :roll: :)
  8. kat_thee

    Maligayang kaarawan sa YOU!

    ha? bakit ako nanaman? hahhahaha! @pzee ok lng yan..... galing mo. cge lng ng cge! ...sagot dw ni kat_thee next eb! :roll: :)
  9. kat_thee

    Mods - a suggestion

    Hi! Im new to this forum :) I think the Pinoy Forum is dedicated to Filipino users that's why I think we're free to express ourselves in our native language as long as we obey the rules of modaco. We have also our Filipino moderators to keep the forum organized and clean. They also willing to answer all your question if ever there is something to comprehend about the topic. Filter out the Pinoy Forum? Hmmm... It would not be fair to us. :wink:

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