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  1. Update to previous message: 3g is working along with video calling. Problem from service provider side. Thanks once again for nice ROM. Best Regards.
  2. Hi Steff, Thanks for new wonderfull rom. Unfortunatly video calling option is not activated on my phone. Please see attached images & let me know how to activate it. Best regards.
  3. Are you talking about Screenshot No. 3 in my first post? If yes, you have to activate metro lock.
  4. Thanks for the update, sorry for late reply since I was busy with my other work. You can try attached file for video calling. Try at your own risk. video_calls.rar
  5. Found some information related to french language from NET: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/archive/t-687550.html Read above link carefully & do the needful. Please try this, Who want Samsung Omnia change language to French by the Instructions can be done easly ! 1 : Download & instal latest version ActiveSync 4.5 2 : Download samsung omnia os i900_French_XHHH4.exe updater 1.6.1 http://rapidshare.com/files/141147517/i900...XHHH4.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/141156038/i900...XHHH4.part2.rar and go dont need any preconfiguration or......my phone haven't admin setting menu *#1546792*# tested on omnia i900V 16GB from germany and succesfully flashed without any kind of error. Do IT on your own risk............. All the best.
  6. You have to go to Main Menu After that settings Then system and then Regional Settings Alter the location here. If you have the crisis still then try do the hard reset in the similar location. Once the mobile phone restarts, then denote your region and language. But you have to do keep in mind to backup your data before performing the hard reset.
  7. For changing language from Russian to English, go to settings & change language. For screen goes off problem, as this project is still in beta mode, this is a bug & no solution is currently available.
  8. While using Ghost, make manual partion of 1gb for EXT3 & 1gb for FAT. Copy Haret.exe to fat partion & run it.
  9. Managed to install Android 2.2.1. Definately improved in performance but no GSM is working, screen will automatically goes off after 10 mints. We have to restart the phone.
  10. You can download ghost file from Ghost 2.2.1 31.03.2011 update I have downloaded ghost version & installed it on SD card, but unable to proceed. Will you please help how to proceed. Rbasis Sorry for above link, please use this linkGhost 2.2.1 updated
  11. Hi Hermit, Congrats for giving such wonderfull tutorial. Will you please also add how to import rom(same as we import new build)? Kitchen contains OEM packages & other stuff for B7300BUIJF2/B7300. If we want to change it for DXDI1/DXDI5/DZIA5, how to import that under OEMPACKGES section & how to reduce the size of folder or ROM by deleting unwanted file under "OSkitchen\Sources\Devices\Samsung SGH-i900\OEM Packages"? Thanks & Regards, Rbasis.
  12. Please find attached video to change phone version. Please do it at yor own risk. How_to_flash_radio_to_Omnia_I900_with_Grand_Prix_1.8.10.rar
  13. Please google out for Grandprix latest version as per your OS or from below link if you are using XP. Grandprix Tool About battery life, it depends on your phone version. I'm using i900PUJA1 & absolutly no issues with battery. If full charged, I use it for 2, 2.5 days with approximatly more than 20-25 calls per day, bluetooth, & also using some net applications for mail check. In your case, as you said your phone version is I900 BUIB1 & if you don't have any problem with battery, you can continue with your current phone version. B'cause after flashing, phone version will not be change.
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