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    HTC Desire, DeFroST 6.0g, 2.2
  1. dirtyfrog

    Hyper sensitive screen

    Yeah, gonna take it back to PC World. Shame as it is otherwise good. What's the easiest way to remove all my tweaks, apps and media, and return it to factory settings?
  2. dirtyfrog

    Hyper sensitive screen

    It's not the keyboard,, i've installed the same one. trying to play wordfeud, randomly drops letters when dragging them into position. It's ssoomeeegimesss worse than others and I knoww it waas only. 250 qquid but. This is unusable
  3. dirtyfrog

    Hyper sensitive screen

    I've seen quitquite a few people ccomplaaining aaboutt the keeyboaard e entering ddoubleee letters wwwhen typing. Yes this is being typedd on my vegaa itss gettting beyonnd a jokes now. Organising home scrfreen is practically impossible aass whenever I hold an iccon or widdggeett to move to it the screen reegisterss multiple ttoufheeeeeeess touccheees oh for God's ssakeee this has. Top. Go. Baack ddoeesznt it
  4. dirtyfrog

    HD video/audio support using the stock player

    Link doesn't work, try this http://www.digital-digest.com/software/GOTSent.html
  5. dirtyfrog

    HD video/audio support using the stock player

    I'd really appreciate anyone posting a mini-guide on suitable software to convert to Vega compatible files, and the best settings to use to get best quality.
  6. dirtyfrog

    Favourite Vega apps

    Looks good ta, but isn't able to play a 720p HDTV X264 mkv file. Would anything, or are there only certain video file types that will play?
  7. dirtyfrog

    market downloads maintained across devices?

    I seem to have a fair few apps missing on my Vega that I've bought/installed on my Desire. Currently backing all apps up on Desire, then copy to SD and restore using Titanium.... fingers crossed it should go ok, but to be safe I'm only going to reinstall apps, rather than data as well.
  8. dirtyfrog

    Favourite Vega apps

    What are people using for video playback?
  9. dirtyfrog

    Is the Vega any good as for reading PDF's?

    On a similar note, has anyone tried any comic book readers, or Kindle? (You can get Kindle on Android, right, or am I a fool?)
  10. dirtyfrog

    System image 1.02 online (fixes widget issue?)

    If this is actually an official account from Advent, then I have to say wow, I'm impressed. Day 1 firmware updates, Twitter updates, and now searching out and posting on Modaco. Very good! Slightly curious as to what your line is on the hacking of the device that will go on here - will you offer support to Paul & co to get these tablets working the way we want, or do you have to stay hands off on that kind of thing? Can't wait till mine turns up, ordered this afternoon and crossing my fingers that it arrives by Friday - if I had to wait over the weekend as well then I think I just may cry.
  11. Ah, bums. I had the Currys page already open on another tab, and when I refreshed it still said out of stock, so I bought from PC World. The 10POUND voucher doesn't work there so paid full price, just checked Currys again and yep they are in stock! Buggrit.
  12. Mine is going to be delivered either tonight (hahahaha!!!!) or tomorrow. Be very impressed if it turns up tomorrow!!
  13. dirtyfrog

    Five day old Desire - low storage!

    OK, can now see by searching the ROM thread that the Facebook issue is a known one. Grrr! Ignore the rest of this post, I was being stupid...
  14. dirtyfrog

    Five day old Desire - low storage!

    Also, it looks like by restoring all my apps, they've gone and installed to internal storage again! As I'm on Froyo, I understand they should install to the sd - can I move my installed apps, or should I go through uninstalling and reinstalling them all? Rooting and upgrading was all to free up internal space, after all!!
  15. dirtyfrog

    Five day old Desire - low storage!

    Woo and yay! Goldcard created, phone rooted, rom flashed - now running on r19-update-bravo-modacocustomcustomrom-withadditions-a2sd-signed Through My Backup I seem to be up and running again. Couple of very minor issues though. I've added my Facebook account through Settings, Accounts. Logged in fine, the app and the widget work correctly. But when I go into contacts, no-one is linked with their Facebook profile. If I go settings, display options, I don't have FB available. If I do Accounts, add account, when I select FB it just returns to the settings screen without adding. I just tried logging out from the app, then logging into FB via contacts, and it just logged me back into the app, still no linking in contacts. However in the relevant contacts, I do still have the HTC FB profile id... help!!

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