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  1. My understanding is it shuts down WM 6.5 to run Android, but there seems to be a case for using a stripped down rom, then running Android. Apart from being hot, is it quite stable? I think once it's stable (no freezes or battery pulls required) it's just of case of tweeking the best battery life out of it
  2. It's hard to guess when T-Mob would make a newer ROM available so I use the newest official HTC ones from their website. They are free of T-Mob customisation too, and technically not cooked as they come from HTC B)
  3. I almost always use a stock ROM (currently using 3.14.405.2) but now rarely use Windows Mobile, preferring to use Android. I'm on T-Mobile too but used Hard SPL so I can flash other ROMs. At some point I changed the radio, but not sure if the new ROM changed the Radio at the same time. Other than that I've just stuck to a stock looking "Android with sense ROM" and recently upgraded the kernel which helped with stability and functionality. There's a lot of helpful stuff here XDA Developers
  4. Do you want to run Windows Mobile on it, or Android?
  5. Got mine today too...a couple of little quirks, but it works well!
  6. If you're a gmail user, you can use Google Sync to get your calendar and contacts from WM to Gmail, then Gmail to Android is easy. I never found a simple way to transfer my tasks unfortunately Google Sync
  7. I just love how it looks :D A bit concerned that it might not work with old apps, but if it doesn't, I'll just move on... I'm finding myself moving towards web-based stuff anyway and as long as it integrates Twitter I'll be happy!
  8. Hmmm, well I got TTS to work, but not the Live Local Search...
  9. As mentioned in a previous post CoPilot was due to add Text to Speech and Live Traffic services to CoPilot 8. Well it's just been spotted that both the Text-to-Speech and Premium Live Services are now available! "TTS" is just £3.59 for the lifetime of your product and the "Premium Live Services" subscription is £19.99 for 12 months for UK and N. Ireland. Simply log into CoPilot Central or purchase on their website. Thanks to jonlad for spotting it ;)
  10. I managed to get mine working on HD2, although it is the full version that I used on HTC Diamond before. Had to use "Add & Remove Programs" to remove it from my PC, then install the new Copilot Central, it then gave me the update and did an OTA map update too. So now I have version up and running...but no Live Services for the UK yet, only USA traffic is showing :)
  11. The excellent CoPilot Live v8 has recently been updated to include a number of extra features: In order to get the update you’ll need to install the latest version of Central v2.0.0.65. This is available to download here. Please follow the instructions on getting the update here. Note: Update is not currently available for the HTC HD2 :) edit: It does work on the full version, just not the version that comes bundled with the HD2! The Live Traffic and Text-To-Speech (TTS) voice directions sound very useful, and reasonably priced (Premium Live Services are available for £19.99 for 12 months, TTS costs £2.99 for lifetime use) Let us know how you find these extra features and if there are any more features you would still like to see. [Via WMPowerUser]
  12. This looks like a really good idea, and who doesn't like free? :) OpnMarket is compatible with most Windows Mobile Professional devices with touch-screens. It's simple, instant and FREE! Read more and download here [Via freewarepocketpc.net]
  13. Hmmm, well I've tried it on the HD2...it's not actually very good to be honest. Very slow to load pages, and not really finger-friendly anyway. Personally I'll stick to Opera for now
  14. In the mood for trying a different browser? How about a concept version of NetFront Browser v4.0! Read more and download here. It is a trial which expires on 30th June 2010, so they need your feedback to make a better product. Let us know what your experience is like too. [Via fuzemobility.com]
  15. Well that's what Microsoft are hinting at! Greg Sullivan, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft says: Sounds promising, and looks like there will be fewer screen sizes, with the HTC HD2 4.3 inch screen being one of them! If Windows Phone 7 is going to be "restricted" to a few devices, it gives you an idea why Windows Mobile 6.5 is still being tweaked. Do you think a dual OS strategy will work or is it a case of too little too late? [Via pocketnow.com, mobiletechworld.com and betanews.com]
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