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  1. My understanding is it shuts down WM 6.5 to run Android, but there seems to be a case for using a stripped down rom, then running Android. Apart from being hot, is it quite stable? I think once it's stable (no freezes or battery pulls required) it's just of case of tweeking the best battery life out of it
  2. It's hard to guess when T-Mob would make a newer ROM available so I use the newest official HTC ones from their website. They are free of T-Mob customisation too, and technically not cooked as they come from HTC B)
  3. I almost always use a stock ROM (currently using 3.14.405.2) but now rarely use Windows Mobile, preferring to use Android. I'm on T-Mobile too but used Hard SPL so I can flash other ROMs. At some point I changed the radio, but not sure if the new ROM changed the Radio at the same time. Other than that I've just stuck to a stock looking "Android with sense ROM" and recently upgraded the kernel which helped with stability and functionality. There's a lot of helpful stuff here XDA Developers
  4. Do you want to run Windows Mobile on it, or Android?
  5. Got mine today too...a couple of little quirks, but it works well!
  6. If you're a gmail user, you can use Google Sync to get your calendar and contacts from WM to Gmail, then Gmail to Android is easy. I never found a simple way to transfer my tasks unfortunately Google Sync
  7. I just love how it looks :D A bit concerned that it might not work with old apps, but if it doesn't, I'll just move on... I'm finding myself moving towards web-based stuff anyway and as long as it integrates Twitter I'll be happy!
  8. Hmmm, well I got TTS to work, but not the Live Local Search...
  9. As mentioned in a previous post CoPilot was due to add Text to Speech and Live Traffic services to CoPilot 8. Well it's just been spotted that both the Text-to-Speech and Premium Live Services are now available! "TTS" is just £3.59 for the lifetime of your product and the "Premium Live Services" subscription is £19.99 for 12 months for UK and N. Ireland. Simply log into CoPilot Central or purchase on their website. Thanks to jonlad for spotting it ;)
  10. I managed to get mine working on HD2, although it is the full version that I used on HTC Diamond before. Had to use "Add & Remove Programs" to remove it from my PC, then install the new Copilot Central, it then gave me the update and did an OTA map update too. So now I have version up and running...but no Live Services for the UK yet, only USA traffic is showing :)
  11. The excellent CoPilot Live v8 has recently been updated to include a number of extra features: In order to get the update you’ll need to install the latest version of Central v2.0.0.65. This is available to download here. Please follow the instructions on getting the update here. Note: Update is not currently available for the HTC HD2 :) edit: It does work on the full version, just not the version that comes bundled with the HD2! The Live Traffic and Text-To-Speech (TTS) voice directions sound very useful, and reasonably priced (Premium Live Services are available for £19.99 for 12 months, TTS costs £2.99 for lifetime use) Let us know how you find these extra features and if there are any more features you would still like to see. [Via WMPowerUser]
  12. This looks like a really good idea, and who doesn't like free? :) OpnMarket is compatible with most Windows Mobile Professional devices with touch-screens. It's simple, instant and FREE! Read more and download here [Via freewarepocketpc.net]
  13. Hmmm, well I've tried it on the HD2...it's not actually very good to be honest. Very slow to load pages, and not really finger-friendly anyway. Personally I'll stick to Opera for now
  14. In the mood for trying a different browser? How about a concept version of NetFront Browser v4.0! Read more and download here. It is a trial which expires on 30th June 2010, so they need your feedback to make a better product. Let us know what your experience is like too. [Via fuzemobility.com]
  15. Well that's what Microsoft are hinting at! Greg Sullivan, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft says: Sounds promising, and looks like there will be fewer screen sizes, with the HTC HD2 4.3 inch screen being one of them! If Windows Phone 7 is going to be "restricted" to a few devices, it gives you an idea why Windows Mobile 6.5 is still being tweaked. Do you think a dual OS strategy will work or is it a case of too little too late? [Via pocketnow.com, mobiletechworld.com and betanews.com]
  16. If you're looking for an HTC HD2 on contract rather than sim-free, you'll be pleased to know (unless you're with Vodaphone :)) that it's now officially available on the o2 website and now with Virgin Mobile too. The T-Mobile stock issues seem to have been resolved as I finally got mine at the start of January after waiting for 3 weeks and Orange are rumoured to start selling it "later on the the year". If you haven't got one already, it gets my personal recommendation B) [Via CoolSmartPhone]
  17. There's nothing like a new bug to drag us into a new decade...but this one is actually real! A number of Windows Mobile devices have reportedly been affected by a bug where any text messages received after 1/1/2010 would show incorrectly as 2016. It seems to be ROM, network, and device independent but particularly affects devices made by HTC and LG. Good news for those affected though as it is easily fixable with a cab file or registry edit. Have any of you been affected? Via [WMExperts]
  18. Ho, ho, ho! It's that time of year when we all keep our eyes peeled for sales and discounts so we can buy gifts for ourselves others ;) SPB Software are offering 50% off their entire product line from December 17th until December 30th. For more details see http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/support/holidaydiscount.html [Via Spb Software]
  19. http://content.modaco.net/nedge2k/images/thumb_09-Dec-2009_skyfire-logo.pngThe browser wars continue with Skyfire 1.5 heating things up! The "dodgy on VGA devices" screen resolution and fuzzy fonts have been replaced with crisp finger friendly graphics and text, along with a speed boost too! If you haven't heard of Skyfire before, you won't know that it supports full Flash and Windows Media videos and is generally very good at rendering websites as they should be seen. From the release notes for 1.5: Full VGA support: Skyfire now provides native support for the high resolution VGA and wVGA screens as available on many newer Windows Mobile phones. Web pages now render sharp and crisp with full fidelity Finger friendly UI: A new, intuitive, and finger friendly UI for high resolution phones provides an easier browsing experience Smooth Scrolling: Kinetic scrolling has been added to Skyfire. Pan or flick the screen to move in any direction smoothly Full screen mode: For touch screens, browse in full screen mode with no UI elements on the screen for maximum page visibility Enhancements: Auto-move text entry box when the (virtual keyboard) is used: Assures that a text entry box moves into view in case the virtual (on-screen) keyboard covers it Updated Flash and Silverlight: Updated both to the newest version available Updated Start Page: Optimized for high resolution devices Performance: Upgraded both client and server for faster and more responsive browsing So head over to the Skyfire site for more info and download, or visit m.skyfire.com from your mobile browser. So what's your favourite mobile browser at the moment...Skyfire, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Bolt, Internet Explorer? Let us know!
  20. Opera today launched the second Beta versions of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 browsers, available as free downloads. In this second Beta release, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users can now enjoy popular desktop features, such as Opera Link and the Download Manager from their mobile phones. With Opera Link, users can synchronise personal browser settings with their Opera desktop browser, as well as all their connected devices, ensuring that their bookmarks, Speed Dial and search engines are always accessible. The Download Manager gives users a better way to control and speed up downloads to mobile phones. Enough blurb..., download by using your mobile browser: For Opera Mini 5 beta 2 use http://m.opera.com/next For Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 use http://m.opera.com/mobile Are there any noticable improvements for you, or any features you are still missing? Let us know! :D [Via Opera.com]
  21. It's been a long wait, but you can now get the much talked about HTC HD2 on O2 and T-Mobile. For some reason it's not on the O2 website yet, but it is on the T-Mobile site now and FREE on a £35 a month tariff (24 months!), or £40 a month for 18 months. Anyone got one yet? Let us know what you've been offered so I know where to get my Christmas shopping :D [Via WMPowerUser, Coolsmartphone and Slashgear]
  22. For those wanting an official WM 6.5 ROM update for your T-Mobile Compact V, wait no more... Featuring the best in finger-friendliness and all the Titanium and Sense goodness you could want. :) Go get it directly from the T-Mobile website [Via Coolsmartphone]
  23. 1. Didn't on my Diamond, TF3D still goes to the old opera, so they're both available 2. Didn't rotate automatically, but there is a landscape option in the settings menu Getting the odd random crash, but so far so good. I'm using it now to write this!
  24. "Fulfilling our vision of providing the best Internet experience on any device." Quite a claim, but how does Opera Mobile 10 beta measure up? The new version includes tabbed browsing, improved password management, image saving, Opera Turbo, smooth surfing, a speed dial feature, keypad or touchscreen navigation and many other features. First impressions are it's smooth, it's fast and reminds me of the Opera Mini 5 beta! What are you waiting for? Get it from the Opera website, m.opera.com/mobile from your mobile browser or [Via Opera]
  25. First it was the HD2 scratch test. Now let's see if the trusty HD2 can ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344"> Anymore of these and someone's going to start making up HD2 vs Chuck Norris jokes... [Via WMPowerUser]
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