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  1. sweeney98

    Atom Life SMS Problems

    The device works well in most aspects, with one very problematical exception. Text (SMS) messages are shown as being recieved on the today screen (16 to date, all unread!), however the text inbox does not show any messages. A backup programme I have acquired is able to read the messages and transfer them to my desktop and within Excel I can open them and read them. However surely the purpose of text messages on a mobile phoneis to be able to read them whilst out and about, i.e. mobile. On telephoning expansys the operator said that I would have to complete a form, an RMA request form, which I dutifully completed and sent on the 17/06/2009 complete with the attachment of the completed form. To date there has been no response, not even a message to say that my email was being dealt with. I further sent a similar request to Mwg and again no response. A close relative of mine, who researches global trade issues, is considering a project on the title "Is Globalisation the Enemy of Democracy?" It would seem so, when international companies do not abide by the laws of the countries within which they sell there products. In the UK there is an Act of Parliament called the Sale of Goods Act, which states (forgive me if I misquote a little). . . that goods shall be of mercantable quality - fit for the purpose. Please can anyone from the nether world of cyberspace, expansys, Mwg provide an old buffer with some advice, instruction, or other help to enable this useful bit of kit, to become a superb purveyor of the latest modern technology. Mwg Atom Life (sold as unlocked) CE OS 5.2.1622(Build 18128.0.4.4) Processor ARMV41 PXA27x ExtROM:EX0102 Hardware:V7 Radio:AL1_KLNC2340_080121_RS001 ROM:200800201B2WWE regards

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