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  1. Hi So this mean it will work without kernel modification for Sgs2?
  2. Hi sorry for late reaply:) Try to rename tcalendar.exe and tclock.exe to calendar.exe and clock.exe, then ovewrite the files. Maybe can work, don't remember :)
  3. Hellooooooooooooooo I'm sorry,I have forget to write it here: I have got an new phone and I doesn't use my omnia anymore. Is anyone is interested I can upload my kitchen+more things
  4. @bobban_deone Har du lyckas flasha tillbaka än? Återkom gärna om du behöver mer hjälp. ;)
  5. Thanx, 4Share mirror is now on first post. the program I use is called HomeScreen PlusPlus with an custom skin.
  6. Now I have made some update and Fixed many problems:) Only m2d version for now. Please give me some feedback
  7. go to file Explorer Windows>start Menu>programs and remove Skyfire(1).ink
  8. Hi Sorry for late answer:) Delete the file "Easy Today Launcher.dllSlotCollection.xml" i root of the main memory. Then you can add your own. No, in the mapp /Utility I use Modaco's NoData.
  9. Now I have a lot of thing I must do in school. So I will see what I have time to do.
  10. Did you mean Notes? it's from the Sys. Here is an cab I think should work. MS_notes.cab Thanks for report. För att se vilken rom man använder gå till: Setting>system>version , Senaste nordiska romen är I900XBIJ1/XBIK1 men har ej hittat någon sådan som går att flasha. http://www.samsung.com/se/consumer/detail/...p;menu=download Senaste som fungerar är XBIC1. Tror den finns någonstanns här men annars kan jag ladda upp den. Om du får "wrong software version" så får man pilla lite:) Det finns en tråd om det här.
  11. Copy and overwrite this files to windows folder. Orginal_lockscreen.rar I do it if I had time :rolleyes:
  12. Ok, The new easy today launcher 1.003 use an XML file instead of reg entries to store the settings. I will come back later for a solution.
  13. I don't know what you exactly mean by that. (my english is not so good:)) I'm sorry for that. mine had not freeze for an couple of days now so I thoughts it was gone. I think I will delete all files and start from beginning next time. I have delete htc Commanger so you can install it from an cab To change plug-in just hold on an icon and an menu jumps up.
  14. Here is the cab. Let me now if it works. M2D_TodayPage_0.3.1_Easy_Today_Launcher.cab Mediafire link is fixed.
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