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  1. You will wait very long time because the HTC Wings is cancelled !
  2. This SPVUnlock is officely ! Look the address francetelecom.com and remember that : Orange = France Telecom
  3. Yes now it's possible to remove the protection officelly ! Great
  4. There are more informations about this software : http://www.smartphony.fr/news/NEWS_ViewCom....asp?IDNEWS=593
  5. Sorry it's in French, but there are two pictures of the official cradle : http://www.smartphony.fr/news/NEWS_ViewCom....asp?IDNEWS=591 This TyTn's cradle is made directly by HTC...
  6. The xBar new version is out, this version is beta but she working on SPV C600... For use this date limited version (expire 12-31-2005), you need have a new serial number. The xbar 2 serial number isn't the same for this lastest version, if you have bought xBar 2 after the 1 november, the xbar 3 serial number is free... Download xBar 3 beta (third link) : http://www.mobismart.net/news/NEWS_ViewCom....asp?IDNEWS=460
  7. You can unlock your device for free !! With to pay when it's free ?! :) http://www.spv-developers.com/content/SPV-Services.zip
  8. This software isn't possible on a SPV !! Because the main processor TI Omap has two cores : - an ARM 9 for the application - an ARM 7 for the GSM stack. And it's impossible to map these two cores, if a recorder application will existing, she will run on the ARM9 core but she can't to access at the ARM7 core !
  9. There is Reboot 0.2 on MobiSmart.net : http://www.mobismart.net/telechargement/do...wnload=75&cat=1 The cab make a shortcut in the start menu, when you execute this program you have a confirmation before the reboot.
  10. The end of the contest is delayed to the 6 october 2005... The winner win an Epson Printer Picture Mate Phone Edition AND a Bluetooth keyboard Freedom BK600... GOOD LUCK !!!!
  11. Dumdidum > Wrong !! I would like a NEW software not only a new version of an existing software !! Not for the pub only for to offter an application to the smartphone's community...
  12. MobiSmart.net organizes a contest of development of application for MS Smartphone, the summer application win an Epson PictureMate printer and a Bluetooth keyboard BK600 !!! - The applications should never be published on a website and must be freeware! - Date's contest : September 6 to October 6, 2005 - The contest is open for : FR, BE, UK, CH, DK Send your application at this address : [email protected]
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