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  1. Hi Eduardo, great job! Now we have two working camera libraries ;-) Recorder also works fine for me... and for recording recorder uses the yuv420p format - it should be YCrCb, but for some reason the OMX encoder needs YCbCr... I've noticed that problem some time ago... Kamil BTW: My here is my latest camera... ;-) libcamera.so.zip camera_src.zip
  2. Hi Eduardo, sorry, I've been on holidays, but now I'm back. According to my investigation, the problem with Gtalk is that Gtalk is very "sensitive" to operations with native window, so: - do not iterate through all color formats, just set the YV12 format, otherwise the Gtalk will not be working correctly (preview will be empty or with messy colors...) - do not use the win.get()->perform(...) call to set the windows geometry, it causes that Gtalk will crash.. use the ANativeWindow_setBuffersGeometry(), it works fine... - do not use the win.get()->perform(...) call to set the cropping area, buffers count, transform, etc.. otherwise the GTalk will crash... Here are my camera sources, please look at them (especially at the setPreviewWindow method)... Regards, Kamil camera_src.zip libcamera.so.zip
  3. Hi, I've build special GTalk camera version from my old sources... It's not supporting so much formats like Eduardo camera but the GTalk works! tested!!! Kamil libcamera.zip
  4. Hi, finally I've got an access to the wifi... :-) And it seems that the Gtalk is crashing... :( but it is not related to my changes, because Gtalk is crashing also with the original libcamera from Eduardo... :-( Kamil
  5. Hi lometje, thanks for the testing :-) Has it worked before? With the older camera? and with normal colors? I'm asking because I've changed the default preview format from the yuv422sp to the yuv420p (which is used by Gtalk) to test the OpenGL accelerated conversion from the YUV to RGB :-) But this change can be easily reverted... Regards, Kamil
  6. Hi, as I've promised, here is the version of the camera which should work perfectly with the Gtalk... :-) Please test it and let me know if it works... currently I don't have access to the wifi... :-( Regards, Kamil precompiled libcamera.so: uvc3.zip and source codes: libcamera.zip BWT: Eduardo, please check the conversion routine from the yuyv to yvu420, it produces weird result so I'm using different routine from my old sources... It's probably not possible to calculate U or V values as a average of values from current line and the next line... Edit: Are you sure that the native color format from our camera is the YCrYCb and not the YCbYCr??? ;-)
  7. Hi, forget what I wrote... it seems that it's not so big hack... ;-) I've found FGLWindowSurface implementation source code (http://gles6410.goog.../libsgl/egl.cpp) and they are working with the buffers in the same way... Kamil Edit: we are writing wrong data to the preview surface! we need to set the format for the native window according to the selected preview format in camera parameters (if it is supported, of course...) and then we can directly write this data to the buffer! additional conversion is not needed and gtalk works perfectly - green color is gone.. :-) I'll post modified camera sources tomorrow...
  8. Hi Eduardo, thanks, but this is probably a hack... look at this lines: GraphicBufferMapper& mapper = GraphicBufferMapper::get(); status_t status = mapper.lock(buf->handle, GRALLOC_USAGE_SW_READ_OFTEN | GRALLOC_USAGE_SW_WRITE_OFTEN, bounds, &vaddr); but it should be: GraphicBufferMapper& mapper = ... status_t status = mapper.lock(buf->handle, buf->usage, bounds, &vaddr); But if the buffer usage flags contains the GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_* flags then the returned vaddr is always NULL... :-( I'm not 100% sure but it can be because in this case the buffer is allocated in video memory and mapper is not able to map it to the virtual memory... :-( If it is true then I'm de facto reallocating buffer from video memory to the virtual memory.. and this is a hack, it works but there can be some side effects, like this "green video" in gtalk... We need to figure out how to write to the buffer which is allocated in video memory. We have access to the file descriptor which represents the buffer: int fd = buf->handle->data[0]; buf I dont' know how to use it... I've tried the mmap but it doesn't work... You are more skilled with this, so maybe you will find some way... :-) Regards, Kamil
  9. Hi All, I have some news about the camera and Gtalk... It works!!! :-) Not at 100%, because the captured video is "super green" and the Gtalk is still crashing at the outgoing call... but it's a progress... :-) Have a nice day! Kamil precompiled libcamera: libcamera.zip and patched camera sources: uvc3.zip
  10. Hi, thanks for the testing... Gtalk still not work but we are closer... :-) Eduardo: it seems that GTalk is more happy with the yuv420 preview instead of the yuv422, can you add support for this format into camera? Conversion routines are already here, so this should not be a problem... Thanks :-) Kamil
  11. Hi, I've made some changes in the camera library to make the Gtalk work, but currently I don't have access to wifi network, so I can't test it... Please try this camera library and let me know if the Gtalk works... Kamil libcamera.so.zip
  12. Hi Cass, this error message is not related to the problem with Gtalk, it only says that the zoom is not supported by our camera hardware (or driver). More interesting is this message: D/CameraHardware( 96): CameraHardware::getParameters E/libjingle( 1123): Error(jnihelper.cpp:145): static void android::JniHelper::GetStaticIntArray(_jclass*, _jmethodID*, std::vector<int>*): null array returned from java 1449807584 E/libjingle( 1123): Error(videocapturer.cpp:146): void android::VideoCapturer::enumerateSupportedFormats(): No supported 4CCs in list This error can have several reasons. For example missing/bad camera properties or we are not supporting the correct video frame format which Gtalk needs.... I'll do more tests tomorrow... Kamil
  13. Hi, this is the last version of the camera from me... Retro camera & demotival camera: both apps should work OK now.. Have a nice day :-) Kamil libcamera.zip camera_sources.zip
  14. Hi Cass, no, thats from my sources, but this is probably a last version from these sources. Now I'm looking at the camera sources from Eduardo... Eduardo: it seems that you have merged my code together with bugs :-) Please change the previewEnabled() method, it always returns "false" and this is the reason why preview window is blank at the begining... :-) Regards, Kamil
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