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  1. Had problems with that earlier. I just reinstalled the driver pack and it worked again.
  2. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...;postcount=1129 I posted that one over there. The LG one is also available there from the user "fishears", who's a really helpful bloke with lots of useful files in his sig. Frustrates me that the ROM makers take out the keypad keyboard. LOTS of us still use it, so taking it out is really sad.
  3. Radio working? That's all I needed to hear. Once the files are here, I'm updating whatever it is I have currently. (CM6, I think.)
  4. No longer needed. SNS is now Socialite on the market. force closes on my Optimus so downloaded a version for Ally. Contact import is broke on that also, missing off the prefix.
  5. I'd still use Facebook for Android, but for importing contacts, it is awful. Facebook for LG imports them perfectly. No other app does, in my experience. And trust me, I've tried a LOT.
  6. Sorry to bump but I've come across this as I search for a way to install SNS on back on my LG. Fact is, not even the official Facebook app allows you to perfectly import your contacts, as it misses the prefix plus symbol off the beginning. from what I have gatheeed, you need the SNS.opex file aswell as the API and both just go into your system folder on the phone meaning it must be rooted. if anyone is kind enough to upload the API and opex you would he doing me a massive favour because without that I amvstuxk waiting for Facebook to update their app. cheers.
  7. If this is Dave from Android Forums, then I followed his instructions to the letter this morning and it worked fine. The one problem I still have is accessing Recovery Mode. It just doesn't appear. A black screen does, the same as the fastboot screen. I need that mode to appear to install the stock LG Keypad. Also, as a side-note, there's been an update to the mod. Now at 4.4, according to XDA-Dev's. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=10733288
  8. Doesn't the recovery menu require that you install the Recovery.img file to the phone in Fastboot? Many people won't have done this, which is why they can't access the recovery menu, and only get a blank screen.
  9. Removed the keypad keyboard, especially given the screen calib. issues? BAD call.
  10. Glad it's not just me then, but yeah. Seriously annoying. :/
  11. Not sure what's going on here, but three times now, over the past week or so, my User Dictionary has completely reset itself. I'm fuming because of the amount of stuff I have to put back into it. Does anyone know what's causing it? I think it could be me rebooting my phone, but I'm not 100%.
  12. Skyfire has come out of Beta and is a developed download now. It's only for Browsing, and wouldn't be able to play games that use flash, but it's alright for videos.
  13. It's on the official LG UK site. With instructions.
  14. Everyone new seems to completely skip this step for no justifiable reason. Cheers for that. :)
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