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  1. hello u guys i've been the past time trying to perfect my own rom..... and here i go again...... when i connect my omnia to the net power i notice that it takes a few seconds before the battery icon changes to charging icon, i've managed to localize the problem and it lies in the map Shell and i also found one that really works good. The problem is that if i change this map i also have to change the map OS ( they r somehow connected). I really would like to pinpoint the file in the map Shell i would have to change in order to make other builds work??? I hope i make some sense attached the shell map that does the trick for me. Hope somebody can help me with this :huh: Shell.rar
  2. i think that u should read first some topics here (and then reread them) like this one http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/ when you feel confortable enough to do it ......i should say go ahead and do it......... all the info you need is here in this really helpfull site :huh: Boa sorte e nao te esquecas de seguir todos os passos :P
  3. hi there i use lowcaller and vopium does the trick for me ;) voice quality is beter with vopium but u need to have an account with them.
  4. hello u guys, today i installed manilla2d in my omnia (with my custom rom ) and noticed that if if press the"end call" button manilla doesn't go back to the today screen (the one with the clock) any solution?? btw i tried before with other rom's of mine and they all have the same bug :( :P
  5. go to Setting then choose advanced setting, then go to insert Xip and you will see set PP
  6. yep that is the icon i mean and also the one left to the file you actually want to send via bluetooth ( a bit above searching in the same screen) what does your bat file actually does???
  7. Hello once more, does someone know how to change the little icon in the beam file screen?? with build 23549 i get a wrong icon (not the bluetooth one. (i get this by selecting a file to send via bluetooth in file explorer). I hope someone gets what i mean. and after so many question from me it's time to help so i also attach some registry lines text that i always use :) not much but it's a start!!! registtweeks.txt
  8. just use the program regedit and manually change the values in your registry (it takes about a minute to do so) suc6
  9. i'm not very bright @ this windows stuff but it does sounds logic (to me at least) maybe we can find a way to make this port visible to tomtom???
  10. does anyone have the solution for the problem i've explained here??? (sorry for the hijack) :( http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...omtom-and-igo8/
  11. been there done that , :( its still the same problem no gps fix after using igo8
  12. at least now i know that the problem isn't in my cooking :( i just hope i can get some help with ithis from one of the experts :(
  13. Hello u guys, I have tomtom 7 working on my omnia ( thanx weirdo!!!) but i do also use igo8. The problem is that if i use igo8 and then exit the program and use tomtom 7 i can't select com3 of the nmea receiver or the internal one, after a softreset com3 is back in the option and internal receiver works again. It seems that something in igo8 conflits with tomtom 7 but i don't know what.... Anybody a clue??? :(
  14. for what is the msimar??? sorry for the question but i'm here to learn :D
  15. Hello, back to something i've said before..... i'm trying to use the ssdialer with build 28227 but as with most of the builds when i scrool it all gets bluried (it looks like someone is spraying all over my display) now i know already that the prblem lies in SYS\phoneredist\cprog.exe. Also know that the one from build 28011 works ok but when i swapp them, then i don't get to see who phone me in "missed calls" Anyone???
  16. do you also get a yellow triangle when you start your phone?? If so just try several times to connect your phone to the computer and disconnect it again until the computer finds your phone. do you also get a yellow triangle when you start yor phone?? then you will be able to flash the phone part again.
  17. After using your hint i always get double icons in system and afterputting back the original sec.... and removing all registry entries it's still the same...... and the largedisplay icon is still there.... Any hints??? :D EDIT: problem solved, it seems i had two seccplmain files in my oemapps folder. now it works as it should.
  18. i hav ethe same issue and i've also tried the above it doesn't work ;) ps i've added it to customer.csc
  19. hi u guys :) howcome with some builds when i miss a call i get in today screen (titanium ) a "phone1" but when a press on it idon't get to see who made that call??? ps i now know that the problem lies within the phone folder in sys
  20. yep i also tried that but if i use my jpeg photo and change it to gif then it looses color and gets pixelated. otherwise it does the trick (also with Default_stwater) how do i change the picture from jpeg to gif without the quality loss???? B)
  21. Does someone know how to cook a specific background??? i've tried to replace classicblue_stwater and default_stwater but i doesn't work properly. if i only replace classicblue then i get my background at first start but after reset it goes to default_stwater as background. Also tried to remove default_stwater only leaving my own classicblue_stwater but then my rom just gets all [email protected] up!!! Any ideas from you guys???
  22. I only know this registry restores the Input icon: remove redirect in sys\shell.... rgu file [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\Input] "Redirect"=""
  23. ok i copied the file ftouchdll.dll into oemmisc and added your registry line into the rgu file in oemmisc folder, did i doe it right???
  24. do i use the whole package (i presume i create that with package creator) or just the folder with ftouchsl.dll???
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