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    Few questions (new user)

    You're the man zelendel. The Best Reminder looks perfect but I'm not too sure about the Inbox Tones. I don't really need different tones since I leave my phone on vibrate anyways, but will it vibrate every time I get a new email? Then again, I guess the Best Reminder would be perfect since it will remind me if there's any unread emails anyways. Thanks a lot! BTW, how are you liking your Tilt? I can't believe you switched from a Q9H!
  2. paintb4707

    Few questions (new user)

    Hey Guys, I'm a brand new Moto Q9H user coming from an AT&T Tilt which I thought was a complete nightmare. The PDA version of Windows Mobile for a phone just doesn't cut it, especially with the touch screen. I absolutely love my Q9H, the tweaked OS is much more suited as a phone. Anyways... There's a few things that are really bothering me with the phone. 1) No standby notification of any missed calls, emails, or texts. Every phone I ever owned had some way of displaying a notification that you missed a call or something. For example, with my Tilt, even if the screen was powered off it would turn it on indefinitely and dim the blacklight if I had missed a call or message. If I looked at my phone I would know that I missed something because the screen was on. The Q9H just "plays dead" and the screen remains off, so the only way I know is if I turn it on and check. Is there any way to fix this? It'd be REALLY cool if I could hack it so that the blue charge light would pulse on and off, otherwise if there was a way to make it like my tilt and leave the screen on with a dimmed backlight. 2) The email notifications SUCK! I don't know if this is just the Q9H or the OS, since this is the first time I'm using email. Anyways, whenever I get an email my phone will go off. Now if I never read that email, and I get a new email, I don't get any notification. Is there any way to hack my phone so it goes off for every email I receive? Thanks in advance!

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