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  1. For some reason I don't get the text auto correct anymore even though it is checked in the options. Any ideas?
  2. Hmm... back with the stock 2.3.3 ROM I was getting a lot of random reboots. These disappeared with the first 2.3.4 ROM that was released in July, didn't see them in Gr1, but the are unfortunately back in Gr5. Anyone else getting these?
  3. Are you sure about this? I would have thought it was something like sprintf(display_string, "%06d", score); The . is used like for example: %.6f to say that you want to have six decimals. But then again I dont have my K&R with me right now :lol:
  4. It means it cannot find your function DrawRectangle anywhere in your source code.
  5. 1- As explained in the documentation, the function you call should be defined as: DWORD WINAPI DrawRectangle(void* param) You should define this in your headers or at the top of your file. 2- Inside DrawRectangle you can then do HDC hDC = (HDC) param; 3- When you call Create thread you do like this hHandle = CreateThread(NULL,0,DrawRectangle,(void)hDC,0,&dwThread) CloseHandle(hHandle); 4- there is actually a CreateThread example in one of the samples that come with the Smartphone SDK. This should be always your first point of reference before posting as these are great to see things in detail. You can compile them and see how they run. 5- anyway I wouldnt really do any painting in a separate thread !! Or at least I would start the thread at the begining of the program and just notify it with an Event when it needs to do painting. Creating a thread takes a lot of time (relatively), so unless you are drawing something that takes 4-5seconds by itself, it might not be worth it.
  6. Well there is something definetly &*%^$&*% with your eVC installation. CreateThread is defined in WINBASE.H which is one of the most basic header files in Windows development. It is included when you include windows.h
  7. which identifier comes up as undefined? CreateThread?
  8. CreateThread is indeed found just fine in the eVC documentation. If you dont see it, it means you have not installed eVC properly. CreateThread exists in Windows, Pocket PC and Smartphone, and uses the exact same parameters on all WIN32 platforms. If you actually read the documentation you see that it is incredibly easy to use. Just call it with the name of the function that you want to be run in the new thread, e.g.: CreateThread(NULL,0,MyCoolFunction,MyParameter,0,&dwThreadID); MyCoolFunction will be called with MyParameter.
  9. It's very simple, check out the docs on CreateThread.
  10. I do the stock program Stock Manager. Although I know most ppl in this forum are more into games than fincance :-)
  11. eheh Eviv Bulgroz ! awarner - had it for a few weeks on loan to help me finish development of my software. Now I must give it back :-( It's a nice device although I admit that my P800 will keep me great company - even though it is a bit bigger (and no, it is not a brick, the only people that says this are the ones who havent tried it), it has great battery life, awesome email client (several inboxes, fully configurable even with smtp authentication), awesone web browser (Opera) and the fact that it has a touch screen makes it much easier to surf the web, write emails, etc. BUt dont get me wrong, Smartphone also has a lot going for it.
  12. Actually under the controversial DMCA it is probably illegal to decert a phone. The same way courts have found that modchips for the xbox are illegal even if you bought the it and you own it. You just cant modify it.
  13. So when do I have to press the key? and which key is it? I've tried several times turing the phone on and right away pressing a key but then I get taken right away into the RGB screen.
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