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  1. This is not a stand alone apps. You need M2D (HTC's Manilla 2D GUI) in your ROM. Do you have it in your ROM? - if yes, disable it 1st then installed the apps and follow the instruction (search it 1st) to customize it - if no, you need to install M2D 1st, disable it after restart then this apps then follow the instruction to customize it - or look for Ock's or Yonn's ROM which already have them installed - but it means you have to accept the predefined settings.
  2. You need to install Adobe Flash Lite & Adobe Flash for Pocket PC (find it in the website), for playing (lots) of video, you can use tcpmp player
  3. Not yet, but you can use iphone today and choose Touchwiz UI theme : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1098950
  4. Yes, I remember using NoNueBar long time ago when using HS++ to simulate Manilla :D . I have tried the theme you suggested, but the skin, the start menu & Bootscreen didn't work on 29020.
  5. @vizolover; your custom setting seems to improve the iPT response. Thanks :P, I'll take a look on that theme you're suggested. Btw, you don't need another app for "start Menu" shortcut. Just create an icon, use any image you want and add "--winkey" (without quotes) in Execute box. Anyway, what app do you use for removing the top & bottom bar? @macky14th; wow, I'm glad to know that someone still using my 23569 ROM. I too, using that ROM for a long time, even go back to it from newer version :rolleyes:. Unfortunately, if you see my 1st post, I mentioned about a disk crashed which made me lose all my previous kitchen including the 23569, so I couldn't check it in my kitchen. I'm not sure video call is supported but try using apps named "favorite hack" to enable the 'video call' option.
  6. Thanks for the comment. 1. "x" close instead of minimize; well, I use that minimizing feature a lot, ie going from IE to reply SMS/Email to copy file etc and when going back to IE, I still get the last status instead starting over. I use Quickmenu to jump from one app to another or to end a session permanently, I've been using this app ever sinceI use WM. There's a lot of similar task manager or fix that you can add to XDA_UC folder (so it will be installed at 1st boot) if you prefer to use 'x' for closing app. 2. I find it OK/not too laggy except when change from Portrait to Landscape vice versa. If we remove some icons and use transparent as wallpaper, speed gets better. But yes, I still trying to get the best configuration, If anyone find the best setting please put it here. And yes, I want to make the homescreen clean, no startmenu/softkeybar and taskbar since it can be replace by those icons, I have made all the image inside WM7 Metro theme transparent, but still no luck. I'm trying to see what inside the tsk file right now. I prefer to do it through theme if possible, so we can always use another theme to make it back to normal :P The list start menu has crossed my mind, may be later on my next rom.
  7. It's been a while I didn't visit this forum. Just did it for updating my thread and then I find yours :P These look pretty & solid Roms to me. Welcome to Chef Club :rolleyes:
  8. It doesn't look like an oskitchen to me..... Have you installed : * Microsoft .NET 2.0 (.NET 3.0 and 3.5 are 2.0 based so those work as well) * Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 runtime, required by xidump during the importing process * Visual Studio 2003 (7.1) Runtime Libraries, required by platformrebuilder to solve the "cereg400.dll cannot be loaded" error message * XmlLite Update Package required to solve the "Unable to load LibNB.dll" errors (only for Windows XP SP2) These are prerequisites for oskitchen, it might be needed for other kitchen too....
  9. It's been a while I'm not checking this forum and I'm a bit shock! Mureta, my friend, just think of those people as sandpapers, they may cause you pain at this moment, but in the end you will be smooth and polished. I admire your work, while I chose the easy way for making ROM, you chose a difficult path and become an expert. You are a Great Chef & it will be a great loss if you quit.
  10. yes...too late :( , I was expecting lots of ROM from you so I could retire first :(.... Btw, latest oskitchen executable has option for importing unknown dump beside Da_G, HTCSys & Ervius.
  11. Just add info, we can use Import> Import a Windows Mobile Build . I use this also to check whether the build has all component intact.
  12. Moving already? Well, can't blame you, i900 is getting old, Wm6.x will fade away (become WEH), WP7 need higher specs & today it's Android era. I hope someone can make Android runs on Omnia just like those russian developer made it on old HTC so we can revive it again :( I'm thinking to get HTC HD2 myself which can be flashed to 6 different OS......
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