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  1. Hi friends, Nice to meet all i780 folk :) I am using i780 with official DXIB1 firmware. The problem is I can't use Enhanced GPS feature with GPS software, e.g. iGO8 or Efficasoft GPS Utilities. Normally I get GPS fix with in 1-3 min, while many people say they can get fix within 10-20 sec using Enhanced GPS. My setting is as follow, but doesn't work. Enhanced GPS: XTRA enable Auto download enable Click download XTRA data and XTRA.bin is created in My Device. External GPS: GPS program port: GPD1 GPS hardware port: COM9 Baud rate 57600 Manage GPS automatically: checked Does anyone have any idea how to make Enhanced GPS work? Do I need to set iGO8 to read XTRA.bin? and how to? (I suspect it is a bug of DXIB1 firmware.) Thanks for reading.
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