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  1. thx a lot i just flashed every part PHONE , PDA , LUGIJ6 CSC and EBOOT of JD1 and phone is working good and internet to so far and its not bricked so up to now with this combination its working but maybe im one of those lucky just do it right and you might not have any problem !!! thx willis for the CSC i recovered the instant internet config i have the bell WHITE screen but im gonna install an other loading screen anyway thx again to those that helped me with this !!!
  2. first you have tp unlock it to use it on rogers but you dont have to unlock it to start flashing it you can flash the PDA part freely search for the how to do it and there is a thread somewhere in the i8000 discussion page that show you how to unlock it but it cost money and i dont know any other way to unlock it free but Bell canada charge 70 $ so go with your heart and your wallet ;)
  3. hi where did you got your CSC could you send it to me ??? i might try it tonight then to flash the JD1 rom all at once and did you do it separatly or all at the same time ???
  4. hi guys i would really like if someone could tell me whats the difference in changing the PAGEPOOL and whats are the pros and cons and the benefits thx a lot as im really wondering ;)
  5. thanks to you mighty CF !!! did you saw that they are working on a wp7 for HD2 !!! do you think it could be a possibility on our phone with your mighty skill of DEV ?? or you prefer not to touch that
  6. look like HD2 user will be happy :P xda wp7 hd2 rom dev will it be possible on our device ???
  7. i flashed the csc , pda , eboot on my i8000l and nothing is bricked and im with bell canada
  8. I need to know if someone already flash his i8000L bell phone part and if he did have any improvement like better call quality or other improvement thx and sorry if its already post i DID search but there was nothing clear or old thread from de december when we where no knowing anything on the phone !!!! UPDATE: i DID flash all the part of the JD1 rom : PHONE PDA EBOOT AND THE BEll CSC that willis gave me at post #27of this thread So Far i dont have any problem , internet , and phone are working correctly gonna report if any other things work or not work Thanks
  9. hi guys any chance you guys could check or try to solve the performance of throttle launchers on our omnia ???
  10. it didnt workout anyone could rezip it and post it on an other mirror please ??
  11. i cannot extract those 2 files even with winzip or winrar its making error
  12. hey gary im wondering what is the difference in the system when you change the pagepool ??? im experiencing a little bit of lag in the menu or in the phone after i close an installation finished or a program that i just have closed would it be a problem cause by lowering the pagepool or its maybe just my phone ?? thx BTW nice ROM i hope you will continue to do so and mix the Jc1 with the lastest 6.5.5 wm <_< PS: the phoneoff animation is a bit funny but kind of boring over time ! and would it be possible to erase the factory opera so i can install the new opera 10 beta 3 becoz the other eat up memories for nothing .
  13. what would i lose if i erase my CSC is there any Bell related thing in that ??? cause they told me that if i unlock it i would lose my waranty but erasing CSC dont mean in anything unlocking so i suppose i should be ok to do so then ???
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