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  1. Sure man, you just need to go to: Start Menu / Settings / System / Regional Settings / Go to Time tab and change "Time style" to: H:mm:ss Hope it helps, if don't, try the another one HH:mm:ss, i am on Titanium Version so i can't remember very well :( See ya!
  2. Great Ock, thanks, Btw, have you use the cab from the Android taskbar as a base for your taskbar cab experiments? Maybe using SDKcerts can help to install your taskbar. This are just some ideas, i don't know how to make the real magic ;) See ya man, hope you can make that cab! Btw, Happy New Year to you all!
  3. Hey man, maybe your phone is broken, i have the Titanium Premium version and it rocks! I don't have any of that strange issues. If you want to know the differences between ROM's Versions, i recommend you to try each one! :( Premium is the ROM with several programs and the M2D UI (Flipclock like HTC Sense) Titanium Premium is similar but with the native windows UI: Titanium Just see the screenshots and figure it out. See ya!
  4. Hi Ock, thanks for your answer, finally i kinda fix it (the wallpaper alignment issue) using first a modified CPR file that i often use to make the titanium photos and some icons bigger, and the OmniaLite PhotoAlbum to place the wallpaper. Now i would like to see if you can make some cab for your superb taskbar, i love your new battery, volume and network icons, could you make one and post it? And if this are your last ROMs, can you post an expansion pack for your kitchen, later? maybe with the new build included? Something like... Ock's Legacy! ;) Thanks man! oh, i almost forget... Merry Xmas dude!!! :( See ya!
  5. Nop, pictures with all kind of sizes! With Resco Photo Manager i crop and place whatever image size as a wallpaper... but with this ROM it seems that doesn't fit. In older OCK's ROMS, never happend this kind of issue. Maybe if someone with the Titanium Classic v2 ROM try to make a wallpaper from OmniaLite Photo Album or Resco Photomanager, and see if is only my version... Perhaps i need to HR my device. :) Thanks and, See ya!
  6. Hi Ock, i've found a little bug... I can't use properly a picture as a wallpaper, it does not fill the screen: I used Resco Photo Manager, but then i tried the OmniaLite Photo Album and i got the same results, even worst. So can you look if it can be fixed somehow? it appears the ROM doesn't align very well the pics as a wallpaper I'm using latest Titanium Classic V2, and it never happened in your former Builds. Hope you can help me, thanks man!
  7. Hi Ock, marvelous ROM, just great! Thanks for your work... Nice Taskbar icons (i love the WiFi one) But i miss Soundtester and Chome editor... ok, ok, we can install them :) Still waiting for the Experimental One... See ya!
  8. Hi dude, i recommend you to try any Ock's ROM, they're great! But you must read each ROM description because some releases fixes bugs founded in the previous ones, so, read before get any one. See ya! :)
  9. Hi Ock, im waiting too, i hope you will not use SPB in your new ROM, Yonn already has it and i think you can give us something "else". But, as always, that's only my opinion, any ROM of yours will be welcome :) Btw, i hope you'll release it a few days before Christmas, so you can take your holidays without any complain or request by your fans haha! :) Keep it up bro, see ya!
  10. Hi Steff, congrats again for the latest ROM, just a great one! But i found a bug since your former ROM: when i use Opera Mini or IE, and click on a video on youtube website, an error comes up and it doesn't open Wmedia to see the stream, like in others ROM's do. This is not a Fatal Bug, and of course, i can use the YouTube app, but i just want to tell you what i've found. Thanks for your hard work... see ya!
  11. Hi, thanks for the Soundtester Tip, i didn't notice that... you're right, i only use it one time every flash... i like loud sounds on my headset/car connection... and yes i was talking about the OmniaLite GPS Settings, perhaps as a default on both versions Lite and Normal, just for the visuals, you know, not for functionality... :huh: But as you said, we can install them after flashing our i900... Btw, have you considered to cook an edited CPR Titanium file to make the Photos and other icons of titanium a little bigger. Just a thought that come in to my head recently, as the default UI in your ROM's is Titanium... Thanks for your answer... See ya! Titanium_240x400.zip
  12. This New Lite ROM rocks, is faster than the last one! and more stable. Don't you think that Soundtester, OmniaLite Calendar - GPS Enhanced are great apps to be included in your next release? Just an idea, we can install them anyway :rolleyes: Congrats steff195, this is a marvelous work... Thanks!
  13. Nice ROM Yonn, but i'm agree, it's a Battery Eater!!! :) Btw, can you post a cab or files to install your Latest GTX Dialer Skin in another ROM of yours? And if its possible, your improved Ezinput Keyboard? Thanks for all man! See ya!
  14. It looks kinda cool, i like the calendar tab, maybe Yonn can make it work like the calendar tab on Kradd ROM M2DV2 Glossy... Nice design!!!
  15. What's up Kradd??? So, can you share your M2D Dialer skin to install it on your Titanium Lite, please? Thanks!!!
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