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  1. rpm95

    Ringtone Volume

    Figured it out. http://www.everythingwm.com/forum/moto-q-h...acks-32258.html
  2. rpm95

    Ringtone Volume

    I recently upgraded from WM6.0 to WM 6.1. Besides all the other headaches this caused, now my ringtones are barely audible. All other sounds (alerts, ect)work fine except the ringtones. I've tried adjusting the audio settings and they sound fine in test mode, but when I get a call they are back to low volume. Any ideas?
  3. rpm95

    6.1 download?

    You can download from Motorola, you just "forgot" what the actual date was you got your phone. Also be aware the update will wipe EVERYTHING off your phone. Make sure you have all contacts, programs or anything else you don't want to loose backed up on your PC.

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