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  1. is there an android themed version of miui???? ^^ It boasts more than 100 000 themes on its website..
  2. icic.. thanks for clearing things up for me ^^ Just had my sec successful flash to gingereal.. its a tad faster than darkys..
  3. Icic thanks for clearing that up.. But i realize that with a full base rom flash, i am flashing the bootloader as well which if i rmb during i8000 days is not very much recommended... is it possible to skip the bootloader? LOL i dont even know which part is the bootloader, on i8000 its .ebo not sure on the SGS tho.
  4. so when going from rom to rom, the base rom changes. so basically i just unlagfix, and flash the full base rom then flash the custom rom from recovery?
  5. icic.. because i am still not familiar with flashing the SGS.. So i am afraid of flashing too much.. i've read that some ppl flashed too much and bricked their SGS.. would that be true??
  6. Hi noob android user here. So i have successfully flashed darkys v10.1 with dark core 2.6 as it is apparently the most stable rom. i have done all of the battery fix like freezing 2 of the problem apps. But battery life still seems pathetic.. 10% from full charge in 1 hour. then i did some reading and some people recommended flashing a different modem. So which is a good modem to start from? or shall i switch to another updated rom like gingereal? (LOL i am adicted to flashing like on the i8000 previously..)
  7. thanks that make it much more easier to understand. ^^
  8. thanks.. just rooted it.. last question can i flash another kernel over the chainfire root? say the voodoo lagfix. the thread by chainfire seem so complicated, i dont even know the kernel i used has the clockwork mod..
  9. hi all, i just switched from my omnia2 to galaxy S today. so i realize with all samsung phones, touchwiz is really bad but not as bad as on the i8000.. so is there anyway to disable it without flashing?? would it be as simple as downloading say adw launcher and set it as the home ui?? and how about rooting the phone? will it void the warranty?? sorry i am still new to android and has been using wm for the past two years :D Thanks in advance!!
  10. oh icic i thought its gna be some complicated steps.. is that the samsung youtube or sense youtube??
  11. hmm the market fix should be added in this bundle.. try a clean install again..
  12. just flashed it.. and i thought there will at least be chinese or japanese included. but there doesnt seem to have any language changing settings... and most of the exe are not present.. But its damn fast!!
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