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  1. BEST ROM ROM EVER. THANKS :( JUST wondering is it possible to change theme of this rom to this gingerbread ones. looks fantastic .....gingerbread theme
  2. hi, i tried new one v0.2, dont know why, but there is 3 different dialer in the apps. i have some mp3 files that this rom does not play. i have tried flb rom it playes. may be if you can improve some of the music player settings please. power control widget not working for me. otherwise this is best rom so far i have tried. any chance for overclocking?
  3. i have the same rom. fantastic rom. 4 times ran the benchmark 901 949 999 990 :)
  4. Thank you for mirror. I have installed it. Very nice and light rom. Weather widget is missing. I have some mp3 format file in SD card.I have tried FLB froyo rom and also MCRi 2.1 they could play those files. but your rom does not play. can you please find out why?
  5. hi i would like to try your rom. but can you please upload to a different site like medifire.com, i cant download from rapidshare. thanks
  6. found a problem in this rom pressing home button does not take me to home screen. any fix?
  7. Hi Just wondering can you make a lite version of it only with the default android apps please. thanks
  8. Hi asim, thanks for your reply. can you please upload your rom, i would like to give a try. i think your one would be suitable for me. thanks
  9. I have 150 mb free internet and i want to use it from my laptop through the SF. is it possible at all? Thanks
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