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    Decent set of ring tones

    Jeezus there must be somthing seriously wrong with your speaker if you realy think polyphonic will sound better than wav files i used creative wave edit (free with any creative soundcard since sound blasters first came out) to edit wav files made from mp3s using mp3towav prog from tucows, you can cut paste make louder and quieter. theres bags of room on thi phone for them. if you want crappy polyphonic tone then convert a midi into a wav then use it. its great to put the real song onto the phone as a ringtone, if your workmate has some cacky beeper of the song, it can realy pee them off. i use the spv as a mp3 player at work all day since i got the battery to hold a decent charge (256MB sd card) mp3 re-encoded to 64k mono to make the battery better do a hardware reset when the battery is nearly flat, then wait for it to go nearly flat before charging (mine lasted 2 more days after the reset, when it was allegedly flat at the reset, now i only charge every 2 days and use the phone as mp3 player and phone all day without switching off at night as it also wakes me up using the scheduler for 5 alarms in the morning, each with a wav file for how late i am) watching LOTR the 2 towers (3 hours) seriously flattens the battery though,needed charging that night !!! i split it into 10 bits due to the lack of FF/REW but watched it in one hit anyway.
  2. Heres instructions and the settings i use for the spv Download widows media encoder from microsoft.com and install run it first screen top selection (broadcast, convert using wizard) / ok screen2 bottom selection (covert to win media file) / next, (untick the begin converting button until you get the settings perfect for you tastes) screen3 choose input file and output name/location / next screen4 bottom selection (file will stream or play direct) / next screen5 button for create and manage profiles----> screen6 click new screen7 type in name and maybe test1 in description, video and compressed ticked /next screen8 audience selection, click on new ----> screen9 give it a name again, and type 55k in bottom bit / ok screen10 (screen8 again) ensure just your new one ticked /next screen11 audio codec v8, format 6k 8...video codec v8 (I always found v7 better for cack input files),vid size 160x120/ next screen12 leave frame rate at 15, key frame at 8, I usually put the quality slider about 50/50 / next click finish, close the manage profiles box ensure your profile is selected /next fill in display title (this is shown at top of media player when played) /next settings review / finish (if the auto begin was ticked on screen2 then it will start immediately don't do this until you have tested the output file) when encoding (use start to do this, bottom right) you can watch the output file, but usually it will encode 5x speed or faster. you can hit stop and view the output file after a few secs to check the audio etc without waiting for it to finish, and the part file created will be playable as a test. next time you run ti you just choose the profile and files good luck doug :D :( :( :P :lol:
  3. dougal

    Charging issues!!

    i just typed out a real big post, so i'll keepo this one short i had awful battery life cuminating in a 6 hour day today, followed by a seriouse unrecoverable lockup because i turned the phone off when it said it was getting flat. i charged it for about 15 mins then did a full reset, and the phone said it was fully charged,hmmmm so i played a full movie HP1 in media player and it still had over half charge left!!!!! i will post longer term results but it seems to be that the hard reset has also reset the phones idea of battery state to a resonable level... watch this space
  4. i followed the instructions to the letter when i got my spv (charged for 3 hours + before messing with it (still charging) and first day it went flat at about 24 hours with LOTS of video playback to impress people, second charge it went 2 days, then back to 1. then after 6 hours off charge and 1 mp3 playback it said turn off or charge, and as i was about to head home i turned it off..... when i put it on charge, then turned on it was well gummed to the orange sunset screen (taking battery off made no difference, it still showed the sunset even mins later with no battery) i phoned orange on 156 and got really pi**ed with some girl saying i hadnt charged it properly, then that i had overcharged it, finally got told to take it back... yes it was time for a hard reset.... hard reset with a near flat battery has seriously improved battery life (it said it was full after the reset (when it should have been at most 20 percent!!!) so i played the harry potter movie (1st one) and it still has rakes of charge left ??? (says its still got over half, despite being practically empty before the hard reset) this looks like a worthwhile thing to do,, i will post a followup in a while with long term results, but it looks real good so far. :D
  5. dougal

    Own Themes

    how do you install a msi file???????
  6. dougal

    Upgrade at Orange Shop

    :x Is my phone the only one that turns the screenlight on at every button press even when the keylock is on making it totally impractical to use the holster?????? you can take any "working" phone with charger and book to get discount if you want to see the spv in action with screen view the microsoft streaming video, but beware- even MS use an overhead projector to show screens, and you want to take the banter with the same pinch of salt you take when installing a MS operating system (reading the screen) I wish i had gone for the jornada 928, but it is 330 quid more (assuming you are purchasing from smalltalk.co.uk where its 29.99 for the same phone on same contract as orange shops, and since they arent just web based CPW have to match them, look at their garantees on their website then go into shop and whine
  7. dougal

    Voice Tags

    Gee thats about the only thing i havnt tried yet (apart from speeddials linking shortcuts to settings items) i must try now MOST other problems have been resolved now
  8. dougal

    The SD and MMC battle

    www.digitaldepot.co.uk 135 ukp for 256 mb sd card just ordered 2 cheapest in uk by far after hours of searching can get cheaper abroad, but you risk long waits, import tax, vat, nonexistant companies etc:
  9. dougal

    SD/MMC Cards

    i just ordered 2 (one for myself one for my mate) 135 ukp each from www.digitaldepot.co.uk cheapest i could find after hours of searching the contacts on the mm cards look very different to the sd contacts, also the sd cards have a write protect switch on them (how useful????)

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