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  1. To be honest, I don't know. But I think "there is no animations for other weather condition in sence M2D at all".
  2. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. :) B) you can register it with any number again after five days.
  3. animation is just for rainy days. this version has minor bug fixes under the hood. persian calender is in the second post (XDA_UC compatible Programs). put it in the xda_uc folder before flash or hard reset; it would be installed automatically during the first boot. Other programs are the cracked versions. I don't have permission to share them here. this is a link for Navitel.
  4. No. removing arksoft cause problem to M2D Messaging. This is 1.7.0 version of my rom without arksoft try it and see for yourself.
  5. 1. It is a cracked version. Unlimited trial. 2. you can delete the files but after hard reset they would be back again. 3. Call rejector do not interfere with other things. Why you want to do this? Do you know a better program for this purpose (call rejection)? Actually I could not find a better program for this purpose. If you know a better program tell me to cook a rom with it. However, If you still think you want to remove that program plz inform me to tell you what files should be deleted.
  6. read note #6 in the first post or disable ftouchsl or do not install ftouchsl in the first boot after flash which makes ftouchsl lite (like the other roms)
  7. http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...-free-download/ You should use grandprix. But I did not try to update pda and phone part together. I did that separate from each other. ??IC1 ??HJ1 H = 2008, I = 2009 A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M stand for mount. IF1 is newer than IC2, IC2 is newer than HJ1.
  8. hi mehdi thank you for your interest. B) 1. don't worry.it's because of different compression level in winrar and because of 10% recovery. 2. 21690. but you should know that your phone part is the most important factor. I use IC1. 3. No I'm very busy these days. Bug fix and update are my only planes at the moment.
  9. I'm not aware of any issue other than what I said in the first post. read the note section too. However, PDA part is not important because it would be completely replace with my rom. My rom do not have a phone part. You should not have problem with your phone part. Still, you can flash your phone part. I use IC1 for South Africa and I'm ok with it. Flash with your own risk. But in my experience flashing the phone with tools in this forum is very safe. I did that about 100 times without a problem (during rom cooking). ps: About phone parts see this post. DXIF1 is the latest phone part. But folks in this froum say that IC1 seems to be better.
  10. Its not the rom problem. check your files first. I'm listening to music everyday with the very same music tab. I mean: 1. Look for corrupted files (ex. files with strange names). If you have a corrupted file it may not play well in other players too (widows media player, tcpmp or nitrogen) 2. Files which are contain Incompatible languages. look at the tag information too. you can use Mp3tag program to see tag info.
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