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    omnia i900
  1. rodrigo.cbg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    no words... fantastic !!!!
  2. rodrigo.cbg

    Cabeça i900 WM 6.5.X ROMs

    A versão 2.9 não funfou com meu chip da TIM 128 mgb... que droga!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Mureta, but I dont use Grand Prix... is it possible to create something for the 'normal' eboot' ( the yelow robot)? once again MUITO OBRIGADO!
  4. Ôpa, excelente solução! Eu só não sei como fazer para instalar junto com a ROM... é tipo .cab ou tenho que abrir a ROM com algum programa e daí modificá-la? Desculpe se a questão é absurda, mas não consegui entender como fazer isso. abraço!
  5. Hi folks I'd like to have the last wm7 rom for i900 from pdhee. Does anyone here could send the link to me? Is it working -wm7- or have to many bugs? I've tried pdamobiz but It's very hard to have a username there... I tried the solutions gave here and stil now nothing...cheers!
  6. Hy, bad that you won't be here anymore... but can I set the tcalendar and tclock as default on the m2v2 home tabs? I didn't found the registry that could work...i tested all registrys that i could but it didn't work. thanks!!!
  7. rodrigo.cbg

    Changing Titanium default calendar

    Hy, how to set the calendar and tclock on the m2v2 home tabs? because even I install and try to change registry as above, it didn't work...
  8. Wich omnia lite programs won't be functionally in your rom? It's quite important to me to taste your meal :( . Congratulations! I was expecting someone doing the same as Sinan did. Keep it up chef!
  9. Hey woody and everyone. I tried to upgrade with sense UI (above) and I almost brick my phone: it stoped always on writing image :( :( . I know that is far from bricking (wasn't for me as I've never have experienced this before), but I advise every one to not use this one! edit: it was caused because I stop to download as it is very slow, and continued after one day. It can cause some problems on the software and I think it was corrupted. After a long evening trying to fix it, I could download again this one and now it is ok. TX second edit: I've done the same above and... the problem remains! Timebomb happens again!!! argh!!!
  10. I'm hungry too!!! :( :(
  11. Did someone have tried this fix to resolve the timebomb problem? http://www.modaco.com/content-page/297082/...2dv2/page/1000/
  12. I'm from Brazil and I've discovered that the chip I've been using has a problem with some ROM's and happned the same that you've described. So, I did the "preconfiguration" thing, but with Ock roms and another ones always happned the same (even if I change the preconfiguration and etc). Then I start to use Pdhee Roms and all things was ok.
  13. I’m very anxious to see another roms from you guys! I'm using g carbon for a long time (near the realise) and i've got some bugs: sometimes the m2dtp stays off (i think it is not a bug, but low memory...) And i 've to restart it many times along the day. The ringtone always goes back to baby pandas if i restart the phone, and then the bell doesn't ring (even it stays showing the normal volume) and i have to change the ringtone in the phone settings, something very complicated since i very need it. Anyone has experienced it before? But even with these problems, i stay with this awesome rom because it is so better in cosmetic/functional terms...that's why i'm come here every day to see if we will have an upgrade, cheers! sorry for the caps lock thing, I've never heard about this rule!! :lol:

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