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  1. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm using a diamond with oficial Orange firmware. Every other user that has commented has been able to get it working on their Diamond. The best I can get is the page below which just looks like something has gone with the HTML formatting and non of the links work.
  2. The huge animated clock seems to have gone from my homescreen and it has been replaced with a smaller startic one with standard numbers, I have tried disabling and re-enabling the item but it comes back just the same. I also seem to have an extra 2 mystery accounts on the mail tab but there is no name attached to them and it just says no messages. Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to fix it? Thanks Chris
  3. Well it turns out that it was a bit more sinister than them not passing the existing number through. Orange royally cocked up with me this month and added a bundle but didn't activate it which caused me to have a bill of over £1000 for data usage. They have said sorry and sent it off for recalculation but when the credit referral people saw the huge invoice they thought I was trying to pull a fast one and get a new contract. So I have had to call customer services and get them to note my account and now mobiles are trying to get them to look at it again. I will also be contacting Orange after it's all over and demanding they remove the THREE credit searches they have run so far!
  4. Thanks Rameses, I got declined too, which I thought was strange as I'm on creditexpert and my score is classed as good. I had just put it down to the fact I have just bought a house and started a new job. After seeing your post I gave them a call. Even though I had put down my existing orange number they had passed the search to orange without it and that often means that they will fail you. She said it's almost 100% that it will pass if she re-runs the search with the number so she's trying it now and is going to let me know. fingers crossed.
  5. Arrggghhh option 1 - 3 months left on current contract, I can upgrade to a Diamond as of today but Orange have no stock, keep number and save fiver a month on Dophin £35 but wait an undetermined amount of time for delivery, no free gift option 2 - Sign up through mobiles.co.uk, new number, run existing contract on lowest tarrif and general messing about, get a free juicy gift and handset on next day delivery but pay fiver more a month for 18 months HELP!
  6. August? bugger! Would rather use the cashback from going through mobiles.co.uk to pay remainder of my contract than wait til August!
  7. I must say that if the murmours around the internet about a september release are true then I will be on it like sonic QVGA or no QVGA. (assuming something better doesn't replace between now and then)
  8. Vodafone have a 7.2 HSDPA network, City Centres and Airports etc. it's pretty quick here in Manchester.
  9. Just made a post about this in the news section. I saw it over on engadget and rushed over here thinking that it would be all over the forums already and hopefully that there would be a version I could grab. However I have a feeling that even if someone had got hold of the .cab file you probably need a valid account for it to work. Everything is rendered server side so I presume that it will use some kind of login, which probably requires an account with a valid US mobile number :D
  10. Checking the Boy Genius site shows that all of the posts regarding this roadmap have suddenly vanished? Do I smell a cease and desist?
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I remotely access my home network using RDP and logmein. I have 2 machines connected using WI-FI through an Orange Livebox to the internet. Occasionaly the connection between the machine and the router will drop ( I think I'm getting interferance as I live in a block of flats.) A restart of the pc usually sorts this but without any net connection I can't do anything until I am in front of the machine. What I want to be able to do is leave a PPC connected to my desktop at home and use it as a back up modem so that in the event of dropped connectivity via wi-fi the pc can resort to GPRS or 3G connectivity to the net. I don't want to leave the modem connected 24/7 and I only want it to connect when needed. The most realistic way I can think of doing this is by sending an SMS to the device with a command which will initiate the connction. I know it must be physically possible to get this to happen it's just finding the application to run on the device that will listen for the command and make the connection. I have seen devices installed in Vans that are used as tracking devices the sim is in a datacard and when it receives a sms the command is passed to the hardware to get the data and then connect via gprs and upload and update Is there anything available already that will help me with my situation and if not how realistic is it to develop something simple that will work in the way I want? I really appreciate in advance any help with this. Thanks
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